Three Mobile Contact Number 0844 381 5179

3 Mobile Contact Number 0844 381 5179

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For customer service relating to your Three mobile contract, 3G or 4G service or mobile broadband service, call 0844 381 5179 today. This phone number will put you through to Three customer service.

Three Contact Number 0844 381 5179

Three Mobile was launched on the 3rd of March, 2003 (03/03/03) as a subsidiary of the Chinese giant Hutchison Whampoa. Hutchison has prior in the UK market, having a hand in the formation and launch of both O2 and Orange, the latter of which it sold to German conglomerate Mannesmann AG for $33 billion in 1999.

Launched 4 years later, Three took advantage of the 3G spectrum auction to build a new brand called Three. This new company would utilise this early 3G network to save costs and pass those savings onto consumers. It’s worth remembering that at this time smartphones were not available, and 3G mobile broadband was widely seen as an interesting novelty.

However, Three’s early days were plagued by the fact that their 3G coverage was spotty at best, and with no 2G network to fall back on, customers were furious. Three then moved to sign a 2G roaming agreement with Orange – a deal which still stands, despite the fact that Orange are now part of EE, a BT company.

Another early issue for Three was the lack of 3G compatible phones on the market, with the company offering large, slow and cumbersome devices like the NEC e313. Of course, all that would change as mobile manufacturers backed the 3G technology and smartphones would gently proliferate the market.

Today, Three have one of the most aggressively priced offering on the market, offering low all-you-can-eat pricing; free overseas minutes, texts and 4G data; low prices on the latest phones even access to Wi-Fi in over 130 London Underground stations. Indeed, all of 3’s early teething problems have gone away, with no phone current available without 3G and a vast majority now supporting 4G as standard. As for devices, well, you can take your pick.

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In 2010, Three was voted Best Network for Mobile Broadband in a YouGov survey. This was also the year that 3 gained the rights to sell Apple’s iPhone. Since then, the network has grown still, with significant investments into 3G technology. These investments allowed 3 to offer a far superior 3G service than other mobile networks during the early years of 3G, at the expense of their 2G service, what was patchy at best. Today, Three is one of the UK’s leading mobile networks, although they are smaller than EE and Vodafone.

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Three’s customer service is provided by UK-based and outsourced call centres, mainly in India. Their website may be able to answer a lot of your questions however, as Three have built a helpful resource for customers. You can see this resource here. However, Three do not publish a contact number prominently on their website.

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You can call three by calling 0844 381 5179. When you call 3 using this Three telephone number, you will be connected with an automated menu system that will list a few different options. Simply choose the options that are most relevant to you, in order to be connected to the correct customer service department.

Where are Three’s call centres located?

Three operate a mixture of UK based call centres (including one in Glasgow) and call centres in India. However, like many companies which operate a mix of locations like this, the vast majority of customers will end up speaking to a member of the UK team. The Indian call centre is used for overflow when the UK call centres are all current occupied.

What is Three’s customer service record?

According to the telecoms watchdog Ofcom, Three are the least complained about mobile operator in the UK, with only 3 complaints per 100,000 customers. That’s a fantastic result for a company who were once renowned for their poor network and service, and stands as testament to the hard work that they’ve done over the last 14 years. Topping the list of complaints was Vodafone, one of the oldest networks in the UK, with 29 complaints per 100,000.

Three UK customer service number 0844 381 5179

As we have discussed, you can call 3 Mobile using the phone number 0844 381 5179. However, there are other ways to contact 3 UK. The best alternative method is to write to them, or contact them on social media. In particular, Three has a good presence on Twitter, with a history of re-tweeting and replying to people. If you would also like to communicate with 3 using one of these contact methods, here is the information you need to do that:

3 Mobile contact information

Website: or


Three UK
Star House
20 Grenfell Street
SL6 1EH.

Social Media:


What should I do if my device has been lost or stolen?

If your mobile phone, tablet, or other device connected to your Three account has been lost or stolen, then you should contact Three immediately. This is what 3 asks you to do on their website. By telling Three that your device has been lost or stolen quickly, they will be able to block that device to prevent you incurring costs.

Can I port my existing number to my new Three account?

Yes, this is perfectly possible. To do so, you should call Three as soon as possible, so that they can set up this process for you. However, be advised that Three will need a PAC code from you. This can be attained by contacting your old network provider. You should also be aware that there may be a delay before your usual service is resumed if porting your old number. However, the process should take no longer than five days. In that time, you will still be able to access internet on your phone.