Xbox One is going to have apps like GoPro, Now TV, Sky News and Crunchyroll

Why do you now need a Live Gold subscription to access Netflix, as in the upcoming days a new list of services will approach its controlling switches, as announced by Microsoft. Not most of them but the British Xbox Ones will be approached by 10 out of 45 in the UK. Some of these services are Crunchyroll service for anime streaming, non-Sky TV customers to have the streaming service of Sky (Contact Sky Customer Services For more info  ), Now TV and a GoPro app, to draw off the uneasy extreme footage of sports uploaded by the camera owners of HERO3+. To add, for those who haven’t yet switched over to current-gen from the last-gen, new services will be reaching Xbox 360; these are STV and Filmbox Live.

Xbox One is going to have apps like GoPro, Now TV,  Sky News and Crunchyroll

Check out for the complete list of new apps approaching UK Xboxes below:

Crunchyroll (Xbox One)
TuneIn (Xbox One)
Vevo (Xbox One)
NBA (Xbox One)
Now TV (Xbox One)
Sky News (Xbox One)
GoPro (Xbox One)
MLG (Xbox One)
KDrama (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
NHL (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
Picturebox (Xbox 360)
STV (Xbox 360)
Filmbox Live (Xbox 360)

While there is no idea for their launch dates, according to Microsoft, all services are going to be live by the summer end. Since Sky is focused on SkyGo to support mobile platforms, there is absolutely no idea about Sky Go to come to Xbox One (For more info Contact Xbox Customer Services here ). Sky Sports has given another window to its subscribers for viewing World Cup matches of ITV by recently adding five new channels of ITV to its catch-up service. At Microsoft, the corporate vice president of Devices and Studios, Yusuf Mehdi said:“Fans of Xbox are giving more time to the console and especially on the Xbox One they spend beyond five hours every day.”

Xbox One is going to have apps like GoPro, Now TV,  Sky News and Crunchyroll

“As dozens of our partners are bound to give new commitments today like know-how with in-depth interaction like Vine and Twitter, we have achieved remarkable highlights to share experiences uniquely with Xbox. Just because of our experiences with Twitter on Xbox One, we are going to have a solid base in social TV experiences.” Therefore, Twitter integration is another future app for UK users. For US users, the social network is like an app in which they can see Tweets in regard to their mostly viewed cable or satellite TV shows in real time.

The Twitter experience on Xbox One is further going to be added to OneGuide’s TV listings section where those shows are broadcasted about which people tweet in real-time. And within OneGuide, these shows are going to be emphasized thus you can make out what’s popular there right then.
At Twitter, VP Business Development and Platform Jana Messerschmidt said: “People get nvolved in conversing about their most admired TV shows when they turn over to Twitter every day.”

“By laying emphasis on Twitter integration, we’re enhancing our experience on Xbox One.”“You can be at ease and convenience if you trace the conversation right from within the interface of Xbox One to find out the trendy shows on Twitter in real-time. We are proud to be associated with the team of Xbox One and we continuously furnish entertainment experiences of unique kinds.”