Halifax Conatct Number 0844 381 5180

Halifax Contact Number 0844 381 5180

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

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0844 381 5180 is the number listed on this website for customers to Contact the Halifax customer service department, it is available seven days a week.

Halifax Customer Telephone Number 0844 381 5180

Where customers choose to store their money is a tenuous subject at the best of times, it is a very personal matter and the demand for the chosen bank to deliver the highest level of customer service possible is palpable. Callers can use the Halifax customer service number listed here in order to speak with a member of their team and discuss the options that lay ahead of them with Halifax in particular.

The Halifax customer service number is available to be called six days a week – with Sunday as the only exception. This is for normal customer enquiries, should you find yourself the hands of suspicious activity on your account, this number can be called and you simply have to select the relevant option. Identity theft and fraudulent activity on bank accounts is something banks like the Halifax take very seriously so if one of their customers thinks there is something out of the ordinary occurring on their account, they can contact customer service team whenever.

The way the Halifax customer support line is structured is the same as many other major companies – there is an automated menu played when the call is first connected. This has a series of options that allow the caller to be connected to the relevant division within the Halifax customer service department. By selecting the most appropriate option you allow for the most efficient service to be offered by the Halifax – they are able to divert the calls to the advisor who can best answer your enquiry.

Where you can Contact Halifax ?

Calling the number listed here will connect you straight through to a member of the Halifax customer services team. We list only direct dial numbers so that callers can be confident with the number they’re calling. There is no third party company intercepting the phone call and then connecting you through to Halifax customer services, you are connected straight through.

In addition to this part of the service, there is also the cost of the call. We list one standard rate for calls to all the numbers, not just the Halifax customer service number. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Whenever you choose to call the Halifax phone number it is important to make sure that the bill payer has given their permission to the caller, that the caller is over 18 years of age and that if a they are using anything other than a BT landline to make the call, they are aware of the charges.

Halifax Customer Service Number 0844 381 5180

The final piece of advice offered here is detailed in the customers’ actions when calling the Halifax customer service line: have your details ready. It sounds so simple but not all customers make sure their information is to hand when they call. If you do make sure that you have your account or customer number ready to quote it will allow the advisor to immediately access your details and the whole process is speeded up. This is the second step following selecting the relevant department when you hear the automated menu that greets callers when they ring the Halifax customer service number.

By following these instructions, customers can Contact Halifax customer support team are able to help themselves and all other callers. One of the main ways that the Halifax organise their customer services teams is to gather data from the telephone calls that are made. The options that are provided by the automated menu when the caller is first connected to the support line transfer the caller through to specific sections of the department so that the caller is directed to the most appropriate customer advisor.

Halifax collect the data and evaluate how many customers are calling which department, this means they can make sure that the most commonly requested departments are highlighted and Halifax can populate them with enough customer advisors to meet the demand. This is just one way that this data is used, in addition to this, they are able to provide some of the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked and list the answers on the website.

This way, Halifax are opening up the ways that they are able to offer customer support. By providing some answers online, customers are able to go to the Halifax website and either seek the answer themselves by reading all of this information online, or alternatively they can contact Halifax customer services by using the online services. These include, but are not limited to using email and instant messaging to speak with a member of the team.

These two forms of communication allow the customer to Contact Halifax very much at their leisure. The structure of the Halifax customer telephone number means that they are available to be called seven days a week, so there is no need to reorganise your life in order to call Halifax. However, by entering into an email conversation, you are able to receive the depth of information that you would expect if you called the Halifax telephone number but without having to spend the time and money on the phone.

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The instant messaging service is also extremely helpful because it allows the caller to speak with a member of the team without having to call the customer services team. A lot of the time, Halifax as well as all of the other companies who use this service, the services are open for a longer period of time than the telephone lines. The other benefit is the reduction in the queuing time to receive assistance. The customer service assistance are able to handle more enquiries at any one time than over the telephone, for example many experienced customer advisors are able to hold a conversation with two or more customers at once.

This should please both the customer and the company – access to assistance is easier for the customer and the company, Halifax, are able to employ fewer advisors because over the internet they are able to work more efficiently. The fact that these are the preferred channel for the company is actually academic because the Halifax customer advisors are dedicated to offering the best service regardless, therefore even if the answer can be found on the website the customer assistant will provide the answer anyway, they will not flog the caller off and instruct them to visit the website.

The whole ethos at Halifax revolves around putting the customer first. There is nothing that the customer advisors are not willing to assist with so whether you are calling with regards to the amount of interest you will pay on a loan, or the amount you could earn with a savings account, they will make sure they provide in depth, neutral advice that benefits the customer.

0844 381 5180
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