Why Choose Vodafone?

december 2016
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Shopping for a mobile contract in the UK is something of a mixed blessing. On one hand, there’s very strong competition from all the mobile networks which drives cost down and quality up, whilst on the other hand, it can make choosing between those networks something of a nightmare. Between the latest handsets, special offers and bundled freebies, it can feel like you’re being pulled in all directions simultaneously.

There are, however, just four main mobile networks in the UK (discounting MVNO networks like Virgin and GiffGaff); EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. Between those four, you’ll find all the main deals, and each have their own advantages. Today, however, we’ll be looking at the UK’s first ever mobile network, and still one of its biggest – Vodafone.

Since it’s launch under the Racal-Vodafone brand, Racal being the company with which Vodafone have their foundation, Vodafone have become one of the biggest and most influential mobile networks in the entire world. This once tiny UK brand has stretched out across the world and now boasts of almost 450 million customers, a quite astonishing number considering the brand doesn’t have a foothold in colossal markets like China or the United States. The company still have their roots in the UK though, and make an excellent option for anyone looking for a new mobile contract, so what are the benefits of being a Vodafone customer?

First, let’s dive into the technical details like network coverage and data allowances. Vodafone, owing to their extremely long time in the UK, have extremely strong 2G coverage. That means that you’re always likely to get good call signal. When it comes to 3G, however, they’re slightly less impressive, with a 90% coverage rate of the UK. That’s paled by EE’s 97%, but the company only managed to achieve that by unifying both Orange and T-Mobile’s networks.

4G is where the company are weakest, with just 65% coverage as of 2015. They’re working hard on improving that figure and are actively rolling out new markets by the day, but they did enter the 4G space relatively late. Counterbalancing that, Vodafone offer generous data allowances up to 25GB per month, more than almost anybody. Indeed, their most popular contracts usually feature around 6GB of data, more than most other networks offer.

On the subject of data, we’ve stumbled across one of the main selling points for picking Vodafone – two months unlimited data. That’s right, for the first two months of your contract you’ll get completely unlimited data to do with what you please. Ostensibly, this feature is there to let you discover how much data you’ll need on a month to month basis, but for most of us, we’ll simply use it to load up on Netflix, Spotify and BBC iPlayer videos whilst out and about, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Augmenting your unlimited 4G (and, indeed, your capped 4G) is Vodafone’s nationwide network of public Wi-Fi hotspots. As a Vodafone customer, you’ll get completely free and unlimited usage of this service.

With that, you could make use of another great Vodafone perk – free Spotify, NOW TV, Sky Sports Mobile or Netflix. Depending on your contract, you might be eligible for either 6 or 24 months of completely free access to one of those streaming services. It’s a truly great offer, and there’s something there for everyone, whether you want to listen to great music, catch up on Game of Thrones, watch your favourite team live or dive into a series on Netflix. Couple that with your free Wi-Fi and 4G and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic time whilst out and about.

Keeping your phone in working order, however, is easier said than done, and that’s where Vodafone’s excellent optional device insurance comes in. It’s not a particularly expensive add on, but it covers your device for pretty much any eventuality, including both accidental and water damage. Best of all, Vodafone will let you pick a phone to borrow whilst yours is being replaced or repaired. Wonder what it’s like to use a Blackberry Priv? Give it a whirl!

That’s the kind of feature which gives Vodafone it’s glowing reputation for customer satisfaction, with 71% of customers registering their joy with the company. These last two decades have seen Vodafone build their reputation around such customer service and have put a huge amount of energy into the 0844 800 3116 customer care services number for Vodafone. As such, you’ll always find a helpful and courteous member of staff on the other hand.

Perhaps the best reason to go with Vodafone though is their brilliant range of contracts, from low end smartphones like the Moto G to to the high end iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6, there’s something to suit every wallet, and if you’d rather keep your current phone, the company offer a range of very fair SIM only deals.

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