What Will 2016 Mean for Virgin Media?

What's happening in 2016 Virgin
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2015 was a big year for Virgin Media. They completely revamped their advertising, launched a new 200Mbps broadband option for those seeking truly ludicrous speeds and announced a new entertainment channel to compete with the likes of Sky Atlantic. It was also a year that saw the number of complaints submitted to the company continue to fall as a mixture of good communication and excellent customer service conspired to make customers happier than ever before.

In the endless race for customers though, you can’t take more than a minute to admire your work without risking falling behind. As such, Virgin Media will hope that 2016 is even better than the year before. So, what’s coming up for them?

Headlining Virgin Media’s 2016 is their continued network expansion. Despite having the lowest costs and best speeds of any broadband provider in the UK, Virgin Media still have something of an availability issue, with many areas lacking the fibre optic cabling required for customers to sign up for their services. Indeed, some of those that do have the fibre optic are also in need of an upgrade, so 2016 will see the continuation of their £3 billion infrastructure investment programme. It’s the UK’s biggest investment in broadband infrastructure in over a decade and will bring their network to an extra 4 million homes.

2016 will also see an expansion of Virgin Media’s public broadband network. Much like the hotspots BT operate, Virgin Media will add more locations where there customers can browse ultrafast WiFi without using their mobile contract – something customers on the 0844 800 3118 contact number for Virgin Media will be plenty happy about. There’s also more experimental WiFi ventures like Virgin’s ‘Smart Pavements’, which beamed broadband from the soles of your shoes in Chesham.

On the TV front, Virgin Media will be working incredibly hard to bring unmissable TV programmes to their service. Since the launch of Sky Atlantic, Virgin Media have struggled to come up with a compelling alternative for their service. 2016 will have to see a big content push if they wish to take on the likes of Sky and win.

Interestingly, talks between Liberty Global (who own Virgin Media) and Vodafone are currently ongoing regarding a “friendly merger”, which would see Vodafone become the new owner of Virgin Media. If such a deal were to be greenlit on both ends, as well as with the regulatory bodies, it would mean much better deals for Virgin Mobile customers and much tighter integration between the two companies.

By the end of 2016, we could see a Virgin Media that’s capable of offering lower prices, faster broadband, better mobile and a more compelling television offering; potentially making them a very attractive proposition for those looking to upgrade their media.

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