Vodafone Contact Number 0844 800 3116

Vodafone Contact Number 0844 800 3116

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For Vodafone customer service, call the Vodafone helpline on 0844 800 3116 today to speak with a member of the Vodafone customer services department.

Vodafone Contact Number  0844 800 3116

Vodafone are one of the largest mobile networks in the UK and they are well established worldwide. Despite not having collaborated with any other network service providers, like others have done to create a greater level of service for their customers, Vodafone have held their position as one of the most popular providers on their own.

Vodafone Contact Numbers

In terms of size, Vodafone are the third largest network in the UK, behind only EE and O2, however they offer the widest range of devices which include smartphones and tablet computers. They also operate one of the most accessible and reliable 3G and 4G networks and they are continuously investing in their signal infrastructure to improve their coverage. At the time of writing, their 4G network covers around 65 percent of the population while their 2G and 3G networks cover around 90 percent of the population.

Is Vodafone’s customer service any good?

For Vodafone, making sure customer enquiries are resolved as quickly as possible is paramount. They are dedicated to offering the highest quality customer service and therefore there is no enquiry too big or small that the Vodafone customer services team won’t answer. Having said that, Vodafone do not have glowing reviews online. They have a rating of 0.4 out of 10 on reviews website TrustPilot; that’s a shocking score and it should definitely be considered if you are considering taking out a new Vodafone service, especially if you feel like you may need to phone the Vodafone customer service number at any time.

Vodafone customer services number 0844 800 3116

Whenever a customer chooses to contact Vodafone using the Vodafone phone number listed on this website, they will be connected first to an automated menu. This automated menu allows Vodafone to organise their department. The filtering system that is enlisted by the automated menu is designed to help customers choose the right department. When you call the Vodafone number, all you have to do is listen to your phone carefully, and select the options that are most relevant to your enquiry. You will then be connected to the correct customer department.

If you would rather contact Vodafone by another means, we have provided their physical address, social media links and information on their LiveChat feature below.

Vodafone contact information

Website: http://www.vodafone.co.uk/

The Connection
West Berkshire
RG14 2FN.

Social media: 


Vodafone telephone number 0844 800 3116

Unless you are making a complaint or have a very quick enquiry, you should call Vodafone UK for customer service. Please be aware however that it may take a number of minutes for your call to be answered by the Vodafone helpline team during peak times and at weekends. Unfortunately there is no free Vodafone number and even Vodafone customers will be charged for making this call.

Other ways to contact Vodafone – LiveChat

Those who don’t want to call Vodafone, may prefer to use the LiveChat service. Before losing patience with situations such as the LiveChat service that is offered as part of the Vodafone customer service experience, take a second to consider using it. The benefits and opportunities that it creates for the customer and the company can prove to be invaluable in the long run. Firstly, when the customer service is offered over the internet the customer advisor is able to hold more than one conversation at any one time, meaning that the time the customer has to wait for assistance is shortened. Which of course makes a huge difference to the customer’s attitude as well as the advisor’s ability to offer assistance – if they don’t have to spend five minutes at the start of the conversation apologising for the delay the whole process is sped up!

There is also the added bonus with internet based customer service that the advisor can provide links to the official Vodafone website which may include tutorials or a more concise, clear set of instructions for how to resolve whatever the problem is. This ability to send a direct link makes life a lot easier for the customer, especially if they could not locate the resolution in the first place.

Those looking for Vodafone contact us information have hopefully found it on this page.  Whether you prefer to phone the Vodafone customer service number of make use of the LiveChat feature, hopefully your problems can be sorted.

Alternative ways to get Vodafone help – Support page

Like most other mobile networks, Vodafone try their best to make it easy for their customers to get the help they need. Whilst some issues absolutely require customers to speak to a member of staff via the contact telephone details, others can be dealt with online.

We’ve already discussed how Vodafone’s live chat system works, but if you’re looking for simple answers to simple questions, the Vodafone support page is where you need to be heading. Located on the Vodafone website, the support page hosts frequently asked questions on everything from setting up internet access to checking your balance.

Vodafone’s support page is also available for broadband, business, and app users, making it an invaluable resource for Vodafone customers of all ilk. If you don’t find an answer to your question on the support page, you can always use the Vodafone telephone number instead.

Where are Vodafone’s UK call centres based?

As one of the biggest mobile networks not just in the UK, but in the entire world, Vodafone have call centres absolutely everywhere. The good news is that as policy, Vodafone ensure that their call centres are all based in the countries they’re serving.

That means that when you’re calling Vodafone from the UK, you’re going to be put in touch with a member of Vodafone’s UK team. That’s a reassurance for those of us who’ve sat through trying conversations with those who mean well, but don’t have a fluent grasp on the English language.

However, it should be noted that Vodafone outsource their telephone support to a company called Conduit Global.

What’s Vodafone’s customer service record?

Despite being one of the first mobile networks in the UK, Vodafone are still extremely naive when it comes to providing good customer service. 2016 was rife with complaints surrounding Vodafone’s poor customer service as the company was charged almost £5m for failing to deal with complaints adequately.

One investigation by Ofcom found that 10,452 PAYG customers lost out when Vodafone failed to credit their accounts, losing a total of £150,000 over a 17-month period. Vodafone also failed to notice these problems quickly enough and required an Ofcom intervention to recredit the affected customers.

In total, Vodafone heads the charts as the most complained about mobile operator in the UK, with 29 complaints per 100,000. That’s far above the national average of 9 per 100,000 and much higher than direct competitors O2, Three, Virgin Mobile and EE who recorded 3, 3, 5 and 6 respectively.