Virgin Contact Number 0844 800 3118

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To speak to a Virgin Media customer service representative, simply call the Virgin Media customer service number on 0844 800 3118 today. The Virgin Media helpline is available Monday to Friday and Saturdays; it is a direct connection through to Virgin Media customer services.

Virgin Media Contact Number 0844 800 3118

Virgin Media are one of the most recognisable and largest telecommunications brands in Great Britain. They offer a wide range of telecommunications products, including cable broadband, super-fast fibre-optic broadband and TV services, and to give you an idea of the scale of their operations, in 2014 Virgin Media had a 20 percent share of the broadband market – that’s equal to Sky and only 11 percent off the market leader, BT.

Virgin Media Contact Numbers

Virgin Media’s products and services

As we discussed previously, Virgin Media’s products include cable broadband, super-fast fibre-optic broadband and TV. However, this is really only the tip of the iceberg. Virgin Media offer some of the most competitive broadband, telephony and TV bundles on the market, and they also operate a mobile network, Virgin Mobile, which offers pay monthly, SIM only and pay-as-you-go smartphones and tablet computers. Virgin TV is the biggest competitor to Sky in the United Kingdom, and the service has improved greatly over the last five years to become a worthy competitor; it’s cheaper and boasts the potential to bundle with Virgin’s award-winning broadband services.

Virgin Media’s customer service infrastructure

Virgin Media’s customer service has one of the best reputations among the biggest telecommunications companies, despite widespread criticism in 2014 over their outsourcing plans. Most phone calls to them are routed to a UK call centre while location-specific calls are routed to a Virgin Media store. Speaking of which, you can visit a local store for customer service; there are stores in Bristol and Bradford, and in London on Oxford Street.

Virgin Media telephone number 0844 800 3118

If you are a Virgin Media customer and you have an account or service-related enquiry, you can call the Virgin Media number on 0844 800 3118 to speak to a customer service assistant. Unfortunately, a Virgin Media free phone number doesn’t exist. When you call this number, you will be connected to an automated menu system where you will be given a couple of different options. All you have to do is select the options that are most relevant to your enquiry, in order to be connected with the right customer service department.

This phone number can be used for a wide range of enquiries, including:

– To report a lost or stolen product, such as a phone or router;
– To query a recent bill;
– To update your billing, personal or account details;
– To renew or cancel any Virgin Media subscription;
– To make a complaint about your service;
– Plus much more.

If you would rather write to Virgin Media or contact them on social media, we have included the relevant information for doing so below. While calling the Virgin Media number is the best way to have your enquiry dealt with, writing is the best way to make a formal complaint. Social media can be used to get their attention.

Virgin Media contact information



Virgin Media,
PO Box 333,
Matrix Court,
SA7 9ZJ.

Social media:


How to make the most of your phone call to Virgin

If you are an existing Virgin Media customer, make sure that you have to hand your customer or agreement number. This will help the person you speak to find your details. Virgin Media also operate a tight identification process, so be prepared to give your full name, address and postal code, as well as any answers to your secret questions. We recommend writing these down on a piece of paper to speed up your call. If you are a new customer, phoning the Virgin Media number to take out a service, then you’ll need to have your billing details to hand.

Alternative ways to get in touch with Virgin Media – Online Chat or FAQ

If you don’t have the time to use the Virgin Media contact number, or simply prefer to have your issues solved in alternative ways, then Virgin Media have a number of interesting options for you.

The first is their online chat service. Operated from 8am to 8pm every day, except Saturday when it operates from 9am to 5pm and Sunday when it’s closed, the online chat is a great way to speak to a member off their team without having to pick up the phone.

The online chat is an excellent alternative option for getting in touch with Virgin, but it’s not perfect. It can often take some time to get put on to a member of their staff, and at that point you have no idea if you’re the only customer they’re dealing with at any particular moment. Many online chat operators work with multiple customers at once, which is far from ideal if you’ve got a serious problem.

There’s also the fact that with online chat, you can’t make significant changes to your account, like cancelling your contract or adding new elements to your TV package. In short, for serious matters, it’s always best to get in touch with Virgin directly, via the phone.

Virgin Media’s FAQ

Like most telecoms companies, Virgin have a comprehensive FAQ section which covered everything from WiFi to moving house, via accounts, mobile, broadband, TV, phone and more. A great deal of information is covered in these FAQs, but if your issue isn’t listed there, your only option is to use the live chat or talk to them directly.

Likewise, much of the advice that Virgin offer on the FAQ simply directs you to the phone line.

Where are Virgin Media’s call centres based?

Wondering whether you’re going to get an English call centre when you ring the Virgin Media contact line? Well, the answer is a relatively complex one.

Unlike a number of UK telecoms companies, Virgin operate predominantly UK based call centres, but they also operate call centres in India and the Philippines (Manila). These overseas call centres handle all out of hours calls, plus overflow calls during the day if there’s a sharp rise in the number of customers calling Virgin.

However, if you’re trying to get through to the retentions department, this is always in the UK.