T-Mobile Phone Number 0844 381 5186

T-Mobile Contact Number 0844 381 5186

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To speak to a customer service representative about your T-Mobile contract, call 0844 381 5186 today.

T-Mobile Contact Number 0844 381 5186

T-Mobile was established in 2002, building on the name T-Mobil, which itself was a rename of DeTeMobil, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. In the United Kingdom, T-Mobile was one of the largest mobile network providers, offering 2G and 3G services, alongside pay-as-you-go and pay monthly contracts between 2002 and 2010. T-Mobile is now owned by EE, the UK’s largest mobile network provider. EE also own Orange. Despite the T-Mobile brand not being used in the UK anymore, however, it is still used abroad.

T-Mobile Contact Numbers

T-Mobile’s customer service infrastructure

T-Mobile do not operate their own customer service team in the UK – EE do. When you call the T-Mobile phone number mentioned on this page, you will actually be put through to EE. This is completely normal. The customer service infrastructure operated by EE is vast with thousands of people employed in a customer service role nationwide. When EE absorbed the T-Mobile brand, they also absorbed their infrastructure. As such, you can expect an extremely high level of customer service when you call T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customer service 0844 381 5186

When you call T-Mobile using our telephone number, you will first be connected to an automated menu system. This will list a few different options which you can choose. All you have to do is simply select the options that are most relevant to your enquiry, in order to reach the correct department. You may also be asked to input mobile phone number, followed by the # (hash) key. This is simply an internal thing for EE’s system, so that they can pull up your account details.

T-Mobile contact phone number

If you would prefer to write to T-Mobile, we have provided information for doing so below. We have also provided website and social media accounts – however please be aware that these are for T-Mobile USA; as we have discussed previously, there is no T-Mobile UK anymore.

T-Mobile contact information

Website: http://www.t-mobile.com/


T Mobile
Hatfield Ave
AL10 9TW.

Social media


What kinds of support can T-Mobile provide me with?

T-Mobile’s customer service will be able to help you with all aspects of your account. If you are a new customer, then they will be able to provide information on their latest phone tariffs, as well as their latest special offers.  The T-Mobile contact number listed on this webpage is for all general enquiries. You can use it to update your personal information, to ask a question about a recent bill, to make a complaint about your service or to make a payment.

What is the most effective T-Mobile contact method?

The best contact method depends on the nature of your enquiry. Calling T-Mobile is obviously the best; you will have the opportunity to speak to a human being. However, you can also write to T-Mobile using the address provided above. We recommend sending your letter via a delivery method that requires a signature though. Also remember that you need to speak to EE, not T-Mobile, if you are a UK customer. The T-Mobile brand is US only.

For T-Mobile support, call the T-Mobile phone number 0844 381 5186 today.