What does TalkTalk’s New Plan mean for you?

There was once a time when TalkTalk were, forgive the pun, the talk of the town. Launched by Carphone Warehouse with a promise of cheaper phone calls and broadband than then-leading BT, the company caused quite a stir. The year was 2002 and over the next 13 years, the company would steadily increase their customer base to become one of the UK’s bigger broadband suppliers.

That was, of course, until 12 months ago, when it was revealed the company had suffered a catastrophic cyber-attack which revealed over 150,000 customer banking and personal details. It was revealed that TalkTalk did not adequately secure their databases.

That, combined with greater competition from rival suppliers, has meant that since 2010 TalkTalk’s market share has dwindled from 23% to 13%. So, in an effort to arrest the decline and reposition themselves once again as the upstarts in the industry, the company have launched a new plan. But what is it, and how will it affect you? Let’s take a look

What changes are TalkTalk making?

The major change that TalkTalk are making to their plans is the removal of line rental charges. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you stop paying them, it just means that from now on you are changed for just one product – broadband. This includes the price of your line rental, but TalkTalk will no longer advertise the two separately.

It’s an important move for the purposes clarity, and it’s being backed by a price freeze for the next 18 months.

Customers will be asked to move to a new contract that does away with the line rental charges and freezes prices, but you’ll have to accept the change first. The company have no right to force it upon you, and are asking customers to call the Talk Talk customer service number for more information.

What does it mean for you?

Most of all, it means simplified billing, however, it also means the price of your bill is going to change. The new deal will be cheaper for 60% of all households, TalkTalk have promised. However, it will feature a “modest” price increase for the rest. Whether that means an extra pound a month or £10 more, we simply do not know.

However, customers who are worried about being put behind new customers need not worry, because the company are saying that existing customers’ loyalty will be rewarded by giving them the same deal as new subscribers.

What does it mean for TalkTalk?

For TalkTalk, this is a chance at a fresh start. The company took immense amounts of flak for their security measures last year and are in dire need of a new direction. These changes, along with new advertising which removes the gimmicks prevalent in their prior campaigns, help to present TalkTalk in a new, clearer light.

Only time will tell whether TalkTalk are successful in their mission to reboot their brand and once again tack on new customers, but as far as we can tell, they’re on the right track.