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Last October, when news of the latest TalkTalk data breach hit the newswire, there was little doubt that it would do tremendous damage to the company, both in the long and short term. The extent of that damage, however, was a matter for speculation. How many customers would abandon the service, how many would take up their offer of a free upgrade, and what does the hack mean for the future of the company? Now, we’ve got some, if not all, of the answers.

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It’s going to be a huge year for the telecommunications industry. Moreso than any year in recent memory, these next 12 months will likely completely reshape the industry. From BT’s imminent takeover of EE, Three’s attempted purchase of O2, Sky’s launching of a mobile network and Vodafone’s potential purchase of Virgin Media owner Liberty Global, there’s huge change afoot. Those titanic moves, however, won’t overshadow what’s going on TalkTalk.

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TalkTalk Offer Freebies as Hack Apology

It hasn’t been easy being a TalkTalk customer these last couple of months. Ever since the company announced that it failed to safeguard against the leaking of 150,000 customers details and around 16,000 bank account numbers, customers have been –quite rightly- in a state of some distress. For the companies part, they’ve been doing what they can, manning the 0844 800 3124 contact number for TalkTalk and trying to help as many customers as possible.