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Recent years have seen Sky take the visual aspect of television to a new level for UK based customers with the launch of broadcast 4K TV, but for many of us, the audio aspect remains frustratingly limited.

Although Sky do send audio in high bitrates for HD and 4K customers, the vast majority of homes make do with the standard audio of their televisions, which are typically thin and lacking in quality. That’s a shame, because with programming like Game of Thrones currently airing, audio has rarely been more important to the television experience.

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Update: Since late 2016, Sky have moved to make Sky Q the standard system for all new and upgrading Sky customers, completely replacing the Sky+ HD box. They’ve also moved to simplify their pricing structures for those who call Sky, thanks to a great deal of public feedback.

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Update: Since the announcement of Sky Q, Sky have made a number of important tweaks to the pricing structure of Sky Q. Most notably, Sky have made Sky Q their standard option for all new and upgrading customers. Today, you can land a Sky Q box with the Original bundle for just £22 a month, the Variety bundle & Sky Q costs £32 a month and the Box Sets bundle costs just &38 a month. With each of these bundles, the cost of the box is included, and you can add Sky Fibre broadband for another £20 a month. To upgrade or sign up, call the Sky helpline.

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Update: Since the launch of Sky Q, the company have been inundated with calls to the Sky customer service number from existing customers looking to upgrade to Sky Q. As a result, Sky have moved to make Sky Q standard for all new customers, as well as slashing the cost of upgrading for customers on Sky+. They’ve also launched their 4K service with lots of on-demand content and hundreds of Sky Sports Premier League matches broadcast in the high resolution format. What follows is the original Sky Q launch article, originally published in February, 2016:

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Update: Sky Q has proven to be a huge hit since Sky made the transition towards the boxes as standard, but they have once again reiterated that customers who remain on Sky+ won’t be left out when it comes to new features. Though the legacy box is unlikely to see any major revision, Sky have committed to bringing nice new features to the box. So, even though Sky customer services will no longer offer your a Sky+ box as standard, you’ll see a steady trickle of new features come to the service.

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Though many people will stress the impact YouTube has had on our broader media consumption habits, for those that pay attention, it’s clear that the more influential service has been Netflix.

Thanks to Netflix, the way we enjoy TV has changed fundamentally. A move away from scheduled weekly broadcasting in favour of series ‘dumps’ all at once has meant that so-called ‘binge watching’ of series has exploded in popularity. Now, we’re used to sitting down with a pile of snacks and digging into a 6 hour marathon of our favourite new series.

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There are a number of compelling reasons to sign up for Sky Q. There’s the promise of 4K support later in the year, up to five tuners for recording four channels whilst watching a fifth, the cool new remote, access to streaming TV services and many, many more. Perhaps the biggest selling point though is their so-called Fluid Viewing technology. It allows users to pause their content on one screen and continue viewing it wherever they are, either on a tablet or on other TV in their home. It’s that ‘TV anywhere’ promise which has been drawing early sales, and it’s exactly the feature that Sky have been promoting on their big new advertising campaign.

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It wouldn’t be a big technology launch without an even bigger advertising campaign to match, so Sky are revving their engines in preparation for one of the biggest ever. Indeed, their new campaign is the biggest and most ambitious of all of Sky’s 27 year history, and it begins with a gorgeous new advert introducing the concept of ‘Fluid Viewing’.

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After years of stagnation in the British pay TV industry, things are finally starting to heat up again. Ever since the launch of Sky+ and Virgin TiVo things have remained pretty much the same. Oh, we’ve added things like HD, 3D and catch-up programming, but the general experience has remained much the same. Now, as we get into 2016, there’s are some compelling new options on the market. Namely, Sky Q and BT TV. So, how do they stack up against Virgin Media in key areas? Let’s take a look.