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When it comes to our home entertainment, we all love Sky. With incredible programmes, the best selection of films anywhere and wonderful sport all year ’round, there’s nothing quite like it. However, we don’t often pay much thought to how those amazing experiences find their way to our television screens.

Every day, thousands of people work together to bring your the biggest breaking news stories, the funniest comedies and much more. Their work hardly goes noticed, and they’re unlikely to be mentioned when we contact Sky, but they make the entire operation run smoothly.

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Keeping up to date with all the latest goings on at Sky is, at times, unnecessarily difficult. As Europe’s largest pay-TV provider, Sky is in a unique position to shape and define the way we receive entertainment in our home.

In practice, that means that the company generates a large number news stories, from new programme acquisitions, award wins and board announcements to investments, product launches and more. Put simply, there’s a lot that Sky have to talk about. But where do you find all these stories? The answer is simple: Sky Corporate

2016 award winners


Sky News have scooped up five awards at the Royal Television Society’s annual journalism awards last night in London, including Television Journalist of the year, Daily News Programme, International Coverage, News Channel and, most impressively of all, the prestigious Judge’s Award.

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To say 2015 was an important year for Sky would be an understatement. Following 2014 in which Sky completed the £7 billion purchase of its European sister companies Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, speculation was rife as to whether Sky could continue growth. The British television industry has been in a state of change for some time, with more and more people finding Freeview to be a more than adequate alternative to long, expensive contracts like Sky offer. As such, all eyes were on Sky to see whether their big spending could arrest some of the development and turn the company back into the growth machine it once was.