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When it comes to our home entertainment, we all love Sky. With incredible programmes, the best selection of films anywhere and wonderful sport all year ’round, there’s nothing quite like it. However, we don’t often pay much thought to how those amazing experiences find their way to our television screens.

Every day, thousands of people work together to bring your the biggest breaking news stories, the funniest comedies and much more. Their work hardly goes noticed, and they’re unlikely to be mentioned when we contact Sky, but they make the entire operation run smoothly.

new comedy for 2017

There’s no denying that when it comes to new programming, Sky have been on an excellent run. Critically acclaimed comedies have been plentiful on Sky, but there’s yet to be a truly breakout comedy on the service. Blame it on the exclusivity of Sky’s platforms or a simple snobbishness about the programmes Sky make, but the company haven’t created a beloved national favourite… yet.

HBO’s Game of Thrones, shown in the UK on Sky Atlantic, is currently the most watched TV show airing on the channel. Raking in over a million viewers for the Season 5 finale, Season 6 started off with a bang on April 29 with 60,000 hardcore Game of Thrones fans tuning in to watch the broadcast at 2AM in the morning. Altogether, a total of 1.4 million Sky subscribers either watched live, recorded or viewed the 2AM broadcast on Catch Up TV at some point during the day it premiered.

cast announced


The best way to sum up the last couple of years of Sky would be ‘content, content, content’. The company have been funnelling huge amounts of money into making some of the best programming on British TV. To date, that’s seen original programming like Fortitude flourish, huge name overseas programmes like Game of Thrones and Girls arrive, as well as classic programmes from other channels like Don’t Tell the Bride and Mid-Morning Matters. Now, the company are making a couple more announcements, one regarding casting and another regarding a shock new acquisition.

cast list announced


2015 was always going to be a year of transformation for Sky. The company was about to enjoy its first full year as owner of Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, and has openly talked about moving to a more content led approach. Over £600 million had been put aside to develop world class TV programming to draw customers in and to sell around the world. One of the first programmes out of the blocks, and perhaps the most highly publicised was Fortitude. It launched on the 29th of January, 2015 and soon generated exactly the kind of buzz Sky were looking for. Dark, uncompromising and with a stellar script, it came as little surprise that Fortitude would be getting a second series.

Sky Atlantic programmes 2016

2015 was a huge year for Sky’s TV efforts. Backed by a war chest of £600 million in funding for new programming, the combined forces of Sky’s entertainment channels have been at work commissioning bold new series like The Last Panthers and Fortitude, alongside bringing great programmes from overseas like The Muppets, Game of Thrones and Dag. Needless to say, it was a year that saw Sky go from TV service to creator of some of the UK’s most loved and talked about TV programmes. That shift was far from accidental, and as we move into 2016, it’s something that Sky are looking to keep up, especially as Virgin Media come nipping at their heels with the launch of their AMC channel.