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Where there’s money, there will be people looking to take advantage and steal it. It’s a sad fact, but it remains a fact nonetheless, and when it comes to online payments, there’s none bigger than PayPal.

Here in the UK there are millions of PayPal customers, each with bank accounts linked to their PayPal accounts and many with money sat in their account. Understandably, that can make them quite the target for scammers and hackers, who can use that information to buy goods online, send money or commit other types of financial fraud.

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When it comes to making a payment online, there are few companies which have quite the same foothold as PayPal.

Established in December 1998 as Confinity, a software company that primarily worked on security for mobile devices and founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Ken Howery, it soon merged with online banking company X, founded by Elon Musk. PayPal became the official name of the service in 2001, and saw incredible growth, so much so that the company decided to take PayPal public in 2002, an IPO which ended up generating over $70 million.

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Contactless payments have revolutionised the way we shop in 2017. It was a charge initially spearheaded by the banks as contactless payments came to debit and credit cards, but it’s been joined more recently by phone companies like Apple and Google, who have built in contactless payment support for phone running their software.

Google’s version of contactless payments is called Android Pay, and it works just like a contactless card – you simply hold it up to a contactless-enabled payment point and the transaction goes ahead.

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‘Tis the season for buying massive amounts of things online, and for many of us that means using PayPal an awful lot. Whether you’re new to the payment platform or an experienced veteran, there are always questions to be asked.

Perhaps you’re trying to send money, or maybe you’ve requested a refund but don’t know how long it takes? Whatever you question is, there’s a guide out there to help you. Unfortunately, to date no one page has pulled together all the frequently asked PayPal questions into one place.

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We all know that these days, online scammers are getting craftier and craftier. Online security is better than ever before and as a society, we’ve got a greater awareness of how to protect ourselves from online threats. However, there’s always one weakness in the system, and in this case, it seems to be our kind natures.

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Once upon a time, buying things on the Internet either meant sending a cheque to a physical location or filling out clumsy, potentially dangerous forms which would send your card details to whatever company you were purchasing from. Put simply, it wasn’t ever quick, simple or painless. Naturally, something had to be done to improve the way that transactions were processed on the Internet, and whichever company could make it work would likely become very valuable indeed.