moving to EE from Orange

For lots of us, we simply don’t need to change our contract every single year. If the number of minutes we use and the amount of data and texts we get through remain much the same, why bother? Maybe you even got a fantastic deal in the past that you didn’t want to let go of?

how to contact orange

It’s fair to say that Orange is one of the most revolutionary companies ever to grace the British Isles. Coming at a time when mobile telecommunications were niche, geeky and uncool, Orange flipped the status quo on its head and made mobile achingly cool. Today, Orange is part of EE, which was recently purchased by BT, but what is the history of Orange? What services do they still operate, and how can you get in touch with them? Read on to find out.

how to contact orange

Today, we remember Orange as one of the true pioneers of the early mobile telecommunication era. From their inception to their ingenuous branding, the company not only helped us communicate on the go, but advance advertising in huge ways too.

Here in the UK, the brand has been retired following a number of years slow integration with the EE brand, but that doesn’t mean we can forget all about its long and lustrous history. So, in this guide, we’re going to share with you the fantastic story which has brought Orange into the present day.

how to contact orange


Few brands have caught the public’s imagination like Orange. It arrived at a time when mobile phone networks were things called Mercury One2One and Vodafone Airtouch and in its wake, completely changed the face of branding in the UK forever. Along the way, it also racked up plenty of subscribers, quickly becoming one of the UK’s very biggest mobile networks. In 2016 though, the Orange brand is no more, so what happened to the company? Let’s find out.

orange history


The history of the British telecommunications industry is, more than anything else, a history of takeovers. The companies who supply our phones with calls, texts and mobile internet have all gone through takeovers at various stages in their existence, but without those takeovers, we can be certain that they wouldn’t have developed into the businesses we know today. That’s never truer when we talk about Orange. Once the product of a complicated ownership system, it’s undergone several takeovers that all helped shape it into the company we know so well. So, let’s dig in, shall we?