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Corporate mergers are, in reality, the sorts of things which never happen quickly. Companies may well spend years appraising each other’s position in the market, assets, potential and value before engaging in talks to take over one another. Once those discussions are taking place, there’s no guarantee that they’ll even come to anything, and if they do, due diligence could put the kibosh on the whole thing before it gets anywhere. If that doesn’t get you, then competition and regulatory bodies might well do. Needless to say then, two huge companies coming together is a tricky business.

What's happening in 2016 Virgin

2015 was a big year for Virgin Media. They completely revamped their advertising, launched a new 200Mbps broadband option for those seeking truly ludicrous speeds and announced a new entertainment channel to compete with the likes of Sky Atlantic. It was also a year that saw the number of complaints submitted to the company continue to fall as a mixture of good communication and excellent customer service conspired to make customers happier than ever before.