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BT have successfully reinvented themselves over the last few years, moving from a tired, fusty media empire to something a little more vital – a direct competitor to Sky, in a very serious way.

That’s been on the back of their nabbing of Premier League and Champions League football rights, which have drawn in customers to their TV, broadband and mobile packages, on the promise of huge matches from around the globe.

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There’s no denying that when it comes to convoluted histories, EE has the competition beat. Formed from the coming together of two British mobile telecoms giants in Orange and T-Mobile (a duo which have changed hands 9 times between themselves), EE became the latest chapter in a long and, frankly confusing, story.

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It’s a sad fact of our everyday lives that when we call the customer service department of a company, we prepare ourselves for the worst. Decades of shoddy, inattentive customer service experiences and countless hours wasted on the line trying to get your questions have taught up to expect the worst.

However, it’s not true that every company offers bad customer service. In fact, despite the fact that 74% of Brits think that the standard of customer service is ‘poor’, there are companies posting incredible satisfaction rates from their customers.

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BT is a company that needs little introduction. Since the days first telephones to be installed in the United Kingdom, British Telecom (or rather, its ancestors) has been there to connect the country. They’ve been with us through the lot, from home phones, mobile, Internet, pay-TV and broadband, but the company is far from done and dusted.

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Today, we remember Orange as one of the true pioneers of the early mobile telecommunication era. From their inception to their ingenuous branding, the company not only helped us communicate on the go, but advance advertising in huge ways too.

Here in the UK, the brand has been retired following a number of years slow integration with the EE brand, but that doesn’t mean we can forget all about its long and lustrous history. So, in this guide, we’re going to share with you the fantastic story which has brought Orange into the present day.

bt ee deal completed


The New Year is kicking off exactly how BT would have hoped it would. Their protracted purchase of the UK’s biggest mobile network, EE, now appears to be just days away from getting the rubber stamped approval of Ofcom. Reports coming from insiders within Ofcom suggest that they’re now preparing to wave through BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition, as the regulator dots the I’s and crosses the T’s.

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BT are a gigantic company, with a history to match. Indeed, any conversation about BT begins with a ‘where do we start?’ and ends with a ‘and that’s only some of it’, but we’ll give it a go anyway. With roots that stretch back to the founding of the Electric Telegraph Company in 1846, the company installed the very first telephone in the United Kingdom, connecting a Manchester hardware merchant, Mr. John Hudson with his other premises in Shudehill in January 1878. From there, the telephone went from business luxury to personal luxury to everyday necessity within one hundred years, connecting people from all over the world.