BT Sport

BT Sport

BT have successfully reinvented themselves over the last few years, moving from a tired, fusty media empire to something a little more vital – a direct competitor to Sky, in a very serious way.

That’s been on the back of their nabbing of Premier League and Champions League football rights, which have drawn in customers to their TV, broadband and mobile packages, on the promise of huge matches from around the globe.

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There are a number of compelling reasons to sign up for Sky Q. There’s the promise of 4K support later in the year, up to five tuners for recording four channels whilst watching a fifth, the cool new remote, access to streaming TV services and many, many more. Perhaps the biggest selling point though is their so-called Fluid Viewing technology. It allows users to pause their content on one screen and continue viewing it wherever they are, either on a tablet or on other TV in their home. It’s that ‘TV anywhere’ promise which has been drawing early sales, and it’s exactly the feature that Sky have been promoting on their big new advertising campaign.

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