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The New Year isn’t quite kicking off like O2 would have hoped it might, as news has emerged that Brussels will investigate four key areas of their planned merger with Three in the UK. The proposed £10.5 billion takeover of O2 by CK Hutchison will now be investigated for collusion, in regards to wholesale costs, to handset sales and network ownership.

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London is a city of attractions. Around almost every corner there’s a restaurant, venue, gallery, museum or café, but when it comes to huge music, comedy or sporting events, there’s few locations that can match the O2 arena. Formally known as the Millennium Dome, the O2 remains an important landmark in London and a crucial hub for the arts. But what’s coming up on at the O2 Arena? Let’s take a look at the highlights.

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These last five years have been an interesting time in the telecommunications market. From the moment that the UK’s two biggest mobile networks, Orange and T-Mobile, joined forces to become EE, there’s been less competition in the market but more money than ever before. It’s also been a time that’s seen growth at the major networks stagnate, as most adults and now even many teens have mobile contracts, there just aren’t that many new customers to entice into a contract.

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Orange will always have a special place in the heart of millions of British citizens. Their campaigns throughout the 90s set the tone for bold, unique adverts, most notably their ‘The futures bright, the future’s orange’ adverts, and billboards which featured nothing but an orange square on a black background. They grew to become one of the biggest mobile networks in the UK before merging with T-Mobile in order to become the EE, which was then purchased by BT. Before all that though, Orange had a history that’s truly worth repeating, so let’s do that here.