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merger could go ahead


The world of corporate mergers is one of near constant buzz. If it isn’t one company planning a merger, then it’s another, and whilst this endless hum of rumour can become hard to pay any attention to, especially with so many whispers coming to nothing, there are some you should pay heed to. We heard about one such deal in June 2015 when the Vodafone Group and Liberty Global announced that they were in talks to exchange “select assets”. At the time, a Vodafone executive said “There is no certainty that any transaction will be agreed, nor is there certainty with respect to which assets will ultimately be involved”. Ultimately, those talks came up against some major stumbling blocks, and talks were terminated as of September 2015.

What's happening in 2016 Virgin

2015 was a big year for Virgin Media. They completely revamped their advertising, launched a new 200Mbps broadband option for those seeking truly ludicrous speeds and announced a new entertainment channel to compete with the likes of Sky Atlantic. It was also a year that saw the number of complaints submitted to the company continue to fall as a mixture of good communication and excellent customer service conspired to make customers happier than ever before.

december 2016

Christmas is just around the corner, and for most of us that means lighting a fire, pulling the blanket up close and sitting down to watch something on the TV. Whilst in the recent past that meant traditional TV, but with the rise of the connected TV and smart devices, we’re now also using the Internet to deliver unto us our festive entertainment. So, with that in mind, you might be thinking about getting on board with Virgin Media and upgrading your entertainment experience within your home.

december 2016

Virgin Media are probably best known as the brand which placed Richard Branson front and centre for their advertising campaigns. They’re also well known for introducing the concept of so-called ‘quad play’ deals to the United Kingdom, but what do you really know about one of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies? In this short guide, we’ll run you through the history, services and contact details for Virgin Media, so join us as we do just that.