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News that BT’s £12.5 billion takeover of EE, would go ahead came as little surprise to those within the telecommunications sector. Though on the face of it, the thought of the biggest telecommunications company swallowing whole the biggest mobile network would encroach upon the ground protected by the monopoly act, a closer look reveals that isn’t really the case. Regulatory bodies like the European Commission and Ofcom saw that the deal wouldn’t affect the amount of competition between carriers on the high street, and was therefore good to go through to the next stage.

bt ee deal completed


The New Year is kicking off exactly how BT would have hoped it would. Their protracted purchase of the UK’s biggest mobile network, EE, now appears to be just days away from getting the rubber stamped approval of Ofcom. Reports coming from insiders within Ofcom suggest that they’re now preparing to wave through BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition, as the regulator dots the I’s and crosses the T’s.

bt ee deal

2015 began with the news that BT and EE were in talks for a complete acquisition, and now, as we approach 2016, it finally looks like that deal might cross the line and come to fruition. It’s been a long road, especially from the companies involved, who have undergone a large amount of regulatory investigation. For the rest of us though, the deal has been viewed with a certain amount of confusion. After all, what would BT even want with EE, and is this going to affect current customers? There are no easy answers to either of those questions, but we’ll endevour to deliver both to you in this article, so join us as we do just that.