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As a Sky customer, you gain access to a huge number of benefits. From the My Sky portal to Sky’s excellent customer services department, there are hundreds of ways the company can help you get what you need.

From time to time, however, we all need information that simply isn’t available through Sky’s normal channels. It might be that you’ve got an issue with your Sky Q box that doesn’t seem worth ringing Sky about, or maybe you just want to natter about your favourite Sky Atlantic programme.

In those circumstances, you should be heading towards the Sky Community page.

What is Sky Community?

Sky Community is the dedicated Sky forum, owned and operated by Sky plc. Originally intended as a way for customers to troubleshoot their problems and get set up advice for their services, the forum has now blossomed in a way few could have expected.

With over 172,137 discussions and over 33,764 solutions to issues, Sky Community has become a place where, yes, you can discuss technical issues, but also an area where you can talk about your favourite TV shows, discuss the big game last night or even find out what new programmes and events are coming to Sky.

Take, for example, The Lounge. It’s Sky Community’s general discussion board and if you log on right now you’ll see posts on everything from car trip computers to the forthcoming revival of cult classic Twin Peaks.

Is Sky Community better than Sky customer services?

Now, you’re probably wondering why you’d need to call Sky customer services for technical issues if the Community page is so good? Well, the answer is, you might not have to.

Naturally, if you’re moving house or have a billing issue then the contact telephone line is the way to go, but if you’re experiencing a minor technical fault, it might well be worth taking a look at Sky Community first. With over 33,000 issues resolved, there’s a very high chance that your problem might already have been addressed.

If it hasn’t been answered already, consider creating a post. However, if you’d like your issue solved immediately or you think it might be an issue for Sky to resolve, then speaking to a member of customer service is likely the way to go.

How can I access Sky Community?

Unfortunately, Sky Community requires you to log in or create an account before you can post. Fortunately, if you’re a Sky customer you’ll likely already have an account. Simply log in with your My Sky account and you’ll be able to join in the conversation quickly and easily.

Just remember, play nice! Sky won’t tolerate abuse or swearing, so if you’re keen on keeping your posting rights, you’d best follow the code of conduct.

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