Sky+ HD 2TB Box – Is it Worth the Upgrade? – UPDATED

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Update: Since the original publication of this article, Sky have launched their Sky Q platform. Sky Q can be specced up to 2TB worth of storage, but also has 4 more tuners for recording more programming at once. Additionally, Sky Q features streaming to tablets and smartphones, as well as improved whole home broadband solutions and support for 4K TVs. In short, Sky Q is the leading option if you’re serious about your TV. To upgrade, simply call Sky contact and tell them your intention to upgrade.

Including Catch UP TV from BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, ITV, and 4OD along with almost all of your favourite Sky Channels, it’s no surprise that Sky’s awesome On Demand service is tempting more people to download and record more TV shows than ever before.

With over 90 entertainment channels, twelve movie channels and six sports channels, Sky offers plenty of shows to fill up your Sky+ box with. Some are offered in HD, which is great – but these end up taking up more space than just normal standard TV would. With this in mind, many Sky customers are making the upgrade from the standard 1TB Sky+ HD box to their new, 2TB Sky+ HD box which offers more space for storing all of your favourite unmissable shows.

Without Sky’s HD pack, the new box comes in at £249, a set price for both new and existing Sky customers. New customers joining and choosing the HD pack can get the box at a cut price of just £149, or choose the smaller capacity, 1TB Sky+ HD box free of charge. If you’re thinking of switching to Sky and want more storage space, it might be worth opting for the HD pack to get the 2TB box at a cheaper rate – the pack itself is only £10.25 per month on top of your chosen Sky TV package, and is well worth it if you have a large, HD TV that you’d like to view your favourite movies and shows on in crystal clear definition.

Aside from the extra 1TB of storage, there isn’t much that is different about the new box when compared with the older one. Working just the same way as the standard digiboxes, the 2TB Sky+ HD box has been rated by PC Advisor as the best PVR/DVR and electronic programme guide currently on the market. The box itself is simple to use, meaning that there are no technical setup steps to get to grips with. Self-installation is relatively easy and costs just £15, or you can have a Sky engineer come out and do it for you at a cost of £30.

The box comes with two tuners, allowing Sky customers to record two shows at once whilst watching another show you have previously recorded. Although this may seem great compared to the option for only recording one show on the older Sky+ HD box, bear in mind that it still might not seem like enough at peak times when there is more than one show that you want to see showing at the same time.

Other exciting features include Series Link, which allows you to record a whole series with just one simple click. The box also allows you to pause and rewind live TV, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Along with that, there’s also the option to undo deletions, ensuring that you never make the mistake of accidentally deleting a show from your planner before you’ve watched it.

According to Sky TV customers, the features and extra storage of the latest Sky+ HD box make it definitely worth the upgrade fee. Contact one of their friendly advisors today to learn more. The Sky contact number is 0844 800 3115 to be put through to a member of the Sky customer services team.





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