SKY TV Problems: How To Fix Sky Tv Picture & Sound Issues?

sky hd - SKY TV Problems: How To Fix Sky Tv Picture & Sound Issues?

Now in case if there is something wrong with either your TV set, SKY box or your SKY connections you might experience some of the following:

  • A blue or green plain or multi-colored screen without any pictures at all.
  • Jumping or rolling picture.
  • Color programs showing in black and white.
  • Frozen or blurred images.
  • Snowflakes such as moving white dots or interference.
  • Pixilated or blocky picture.
  • Images split-up into rectangular shapes.

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Sky Box Problems – Sky TV Troubleshooting – Sky Tv Sound & Picture Problems

Just try some of these following steps to fix your picture problems first of all:

sky help Cross check with another TV channel:

Try switching to anther TV channel to cross check if the picture quality improves. Now if the problem is only with a particular channel, then the fault lies with that very particular broadcaster. Just wait for a few more minutes and then again try the channel which you were watching.

sky help Check for the weather:

The quality of TV picture can be drastically reduced by severe weather conditions which might affect the satellite signal. Just wait for the weather to calm down and retry all the channels.

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sky help Check your SKY service status page:

Just check the service status page of your SKY service for any network problems which might be occurring in your area.

In case if there are no reported network problems in your area then just follow these steps to reboot your Sky box and check for the cable connections joining your TV and your Sky box:

SKY TV Problems: How To Fix Sky Tv Picture & Sound Issues?

  • Just press your Sky remote’s standby button.
  • Then switch off the Sky box, TV set and any other equipment such as DVD player or VCR connected to it at the mains.
  • Now disconnect your Sky box at the mains and ensure that the front lights are off.
  • Just ensure that none of the cables are loose or have come out completely at the back of your Sky box.
  • Just wait for about five minutes, put everything back at the mains and again wait for your Sky box to reboot. Again wait a couple of minutes for the lights to come back on your Sky box.
  • Then just press SKY button on your SKY remote and retry the channel you were watching earlier.

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Now if your TV set possess two SCART sockets then try to connect your Sky box to the TV’s other SCART socket and then reboot the Sky box to check if there is any picture improvement.

And if the TV is connected with your box via HDMI cable then you can even change the HDMI port or HDMI cable if the picture problem still persists.

Reminder: A defective HDMI cable is usually a common cause of sound and picture problems.

sky help Tuning your TV for better sound quality:

Now tuning the TV does improve its poor sound quality or any missing sound. Usually TV sets are easier to tune and most of these have auto-tune features. Just use the TV remote and do follow the reader’s manual provided along with your TV to tune it.

If TV tuning does not fix your issue, then the faulty leads could be the reason behind poor sound quality. Replace those faulty leads with the new one.

sky help To check poor quality sound or no sound at all:

Follow these instructions carefully:

  • Just press your Sky remote’s VOL+ option. Now if it doesn’t work out, just try to increase your TV’s volume using the remote control or the volume buttons on your TV’s front.
  • And if the TV is wired with any other audio equipment, then just check whether each of the equipment is switched on and is properly working, with each of the cables connected securely.
  • Just check whether the sound quality is poor on all channels or not. And if not, then the problem might be caused by the particular channel or program which you are watching.

Now some faults usually are caused by the TV set or any other related equipment, so its better you should contact the retailer, manufacturer or any TV repair professional. For further information, just feel free to call sky customer services phone number 0844 800 3115 or just log on to the , anytime.

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