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To contact the Santander customer services department, call the Santander helpline on 0844 381 5175. This is a direct dial number through to Santander.

Santander contact number 0844 381 5175

The Santander Group is, by some distance, the largest bank in the Eurozone in regards to market calye. Indeed, by that metric it’s also one of the biggest in the world, with assets totalling over over €1.266 trillion and profit of €5.816 billion for 2014.

It’s also a very old one, founded in Santander, Spain in 1857 – 160 years ago. However, despite it’s success and age, Santander is a relatively new player in the the UK banking sector, arriving only in the mid 00s. Interestingly though, Santander’s UK foothold came from the buyouts of three former major players in UK banking – Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley.

Abbey was bought out by the Santander Group in 2004 for £9 billion, giving the company their first UK foothold. 2008 would see the purchased of Alliance & Leicester in September, shortly followed by a large number of Bradford & Bingley branches and assets, which had been nationalised as a result of the financial crash.

By early 2010, the Bradford & Bingley and Abbey brands were retired and replaced with Santander branding, becoming Santander UK. Promoted with a huge ad campaign featuring F1 star Lewis Hamilton, the adverts coincided with the simultanious launch of 300 Santander branches across the UK. Later in the year, the Alliance & Leicester brand would also be retired.

Today, Santander’s customers in the UK count more than 14 million and their staff numbers north of 20,000 in over a thousand branches.

Santander Contact Numbers

Santander Customer Services 0844 381 5175
General Enquiries 0844 561 6960
Santander Complaints 0844 561 2090
UK Banking Division 0844 381 5491

Santander pitch themselves as a friendly, local bank, and this certainly comes across in their marketing where they invite people to visit their local branch to discover their latest range of accounts, which include current accounts, savings accounts and credit accounts. They also have a range of loans and mortgages to choose from.

Santander’s customer service

Unfortunately for Santander, between 2007 and 2010 the bank was ranked worst for customer service in the J. D. Power UK Satisfaction study. This led to the bank facing significant public scrutiny. In 2011, the bank’s credit rating was downgraded by risk management company Moody. Thankfully by 2012, their stability had improved, something that was acknowledged by Moody. Today, the Santander helpline and customer service is much better than it was a couple of years ago. As a result, customers can have faith when calling the Santander contact number.

Where are Santander’s call centres?

As of July 2011, all call centres operated by Santander are based in the UK. This marks a change from their initial setup which was located, primarily, in India. This was a holdover from the days when the company was Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and part of Bradford & Bingley. Commenting on the call centre move at the time, Santander’s head of customer service said: “This is what our customers have told us is the most important factor in terms of the satisfaction with the bank, and we have listened to them and decided to bring all of our retail call centres back from India.”

Santander customer service 0844 381 5175

For customer service regarding your Santander account, loan or mortgage, call 0844 381 5175 today. This Santander phone number is for all general enquiries. When you call this number, you will be connected to an automated menu that will list a few different options. Simply select the Santander contact options that are relevant to you, by inputting your choice into your keypad, to be put through to the correct department. If you accidentally choose the wrong option, don’t worry – a Santander customer advisor will transfer you to the right department.

If you would rather not use the Santander contact number to speak to a staff member, you can write to Santander or contact them on social media. Here’s the information you need:

Santander UK contact information



Santander UK
9 Nelson Street
West Yorkshire
BD1 5AN.

Social media:

Twitter, Facebook.

What is the best way to contact Santander?

If you are not a Santander customer but you wish to open up an account with them, or you would like to find out more about their range of products, you should visit your local Santander branch and speak to an advisor. If you are an existing Santander customer, the best contact methods are either by phoning Santander customer services or writing. The former is best for general enquiries; the latter is better for complaints or notice of account closures. An increasingly popular form of communication is by social media. You can contact Santander by Twitter or Facebook, however these contact methods are not are actively monitored. So for the best results, call Santander or write to them.

How can I make the most of my phone call?

Before you dial the Santander phone number into your key pad, write down the account number related to your enquiry, as well as any answers to secret questions. This will ensure Santander can confirm your identity and deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.  There isn’t a Santander free phone number, so being prepared will also save you money.

How is Santander’s customer service record?

Over the last few years, Santander have dramatically improved their reputation for customer service, which used to be extremely poor. In 2010, complaints about the woeful service reached their peak, but issues persisted into 2011. Today, the company enjoy a fair reputation for solid customer service and excellent banking services.

Not your bank? Try these contact phone numbers:

Santander customer service number – 0844 381 5175

Santander Customer Services 0844 381 5175
General Enquiries 0844 561 6960
Santander Complaints 0844 561 2090
UK Banking Division 0844 381 5491

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