Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Glass Replacement Guide

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Glass Replacement Guide

Just dropped and got your Galaxy S4 glass cracked! No need to panic, as repairing broken Samsung galaxy s4 front glass is not as tedious as it is usually demonstrated by most of the repair shops, whose repair charges leaves a burn hole in the pockets of the phone owners.

Just consider it as an ideal opportunity to change your Sapphire front glass to a pink or white one, to make it look different as Galaxy S4 comes in many vibrant colors. Also the cost of front glass is way more affordable.

To replace glass on Galaxy S4 is quite easy.


Follow the step by step procedure for galaxy s4 glass replacement


Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Glass Replacement Guide

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 1:

  • If your Galaxy S4 has a screen guard then it’s alright, otherwise paste a piece of tape on your screen to remove later, all the broken glass pieces.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 2:

  • Switch off your Samsung device and remove the back cover.
  • Remove the Battery.
  • Remove your Sim Card or any micro-sd Card.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 3:

To soften the adhesive which glues the front glass to your screen assembly, employ a heat gun or hair dryer:

  • Adjust your heat gun to the lowest setting.
  • Just heat up your device for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Reminder:  It’s always safe to remove the motherboard first. Be careful while using the heat gun as too much heat might melt your digitizer and result in discoloration which will ultimately damage your costly device.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 4:

  • Take your time and gradually work around the edges of your device with plastic blades.
  • If your glass is overly-cracked then stick more tapes to avoid further cracks.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 5:

  • If the glass adhesive is not softened enough, reheat your Samsung device again and repeat step 4.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 6:

  • After the glue gets softened just pull the damaged glass off very carefully till you reach near the two touch keys at the bottom to avoid damaging those.
  • These are fixed to the front glass and should be taken off before removal of the glass.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 7:


  • Clean off the adhesive residue left over the LCD Digitizer with a clean towel.


Reminder: You can even use eucalyptus oil and a plastic blade to clean off the sticky residue.

  • Utilize LCD cleaning spray and cleaning cloths to erase the entire oil residue from your LCD digitizer.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 8:

  • Apply the new adhesive around the edges of your phone.
  • Just peel off the blue tad on the top of the adhesive.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 9:

  • Now prepare your new glass and if it is wrapped with plastic cover from both sides then you only need to remove the underside first.
  • Never touch the underside or it might get dust and marks on it. In case you do then clean it off first.

ContactTelephoneNumbers.comStep 10:

  • Place the brand new glass on your phone.
  • Now remove the front plastic cover of your glass.

Step 11:

  • Just put the battery, Sim Card or the micro-sd Card back.
  • Place the back cover on and Switch-On your device.


Your Phone is ready to be used again and we’re pretty sure by now you all would be pretty confident about process. For more info you can also contact samsung customer support. Good Luck!


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