How To Upload Photos And Videos Instantly From Samsung Galaxy S4 to Google+?

Galaxy S4 Instant Upload to Google+

After assigning your Google+ account to your device, now you can even set your Smartphone to automatically upload your latest photos and videos to Google+.

How to set up a Google+ account?

If you don’t own a Google+ account, you will need to sign up for one. Just follow the instructions to register for Google+, then continue through following steps:

 Setting up the Google+ application

  • To start the Google+ app, tap on Apps > Google+.

  • If you have not used the Google+ app beforehand, then opt for the Google account to upload your files.

  • Choose your Google+ settings for Contacts, then tap on Next.

  • You’ll be prompted for Instant Upload permission. Opt for either Over Wi-Fi or mobile network or Over Wi-Fi only as the ideal means for uploading files. Now, if you’re concerned about incurring extra charges or too much usage of your mobile data allowance, we recommend selecting Over Wi-Fi only.

  • Tap on Done to continue.

To modify the Instant Upload settings follow these steps:

  • Open the Google+ application by tapping on Apps   > Google+.

  • Tap the Menu key > Settings > Instant Upload.

  • Tap the switch OFF to turn Instant Upload ON.

  • Now you can adjust your Instant Upload settings.

Set storage size: To set the Instant Upload photo/video size, select either from Full size (up to 5.0 GB) or Standard size (unlimited at 2048px)

How to upload photos?  

You can select how you want your device to upload the pics you have captured by either choosing Mobile network or Over Wi-Fi or Over Wi-Fi only.

Roaming Uploads: Select the checkbox to set your device to upload content even when you are roaming which might incur extra charges.
Upload only when charging: Select the checkbox to set your device to upload only when it is wired to any power source.
Upload all: Tap on this option to instantly upload any existing videos or pictures from your device to Google+, then tap on Yes option to confirm it on the prompt screen.

Upload pictures or videos to Social Network Sites

1. Find “Gallery”

  • Tap Apps.

Galaxy S4 Instant Upload to Google+

Tap Gallery.

2. Find picture or video clip

  • Go to the required folder.

  • Tap and hold the required picture or the required video clip.

3. Select service

  • Tap the share icon.

  • Tap one of the following options:

  • Picasa, go to 3a.

  • Google+, go to 3b.

  • Facebook, go to 3c.

  • Twitter, go to 3d.

  • YouTube, go to 3e.

a – “Picasa”

  • Key in the required text.

  • Tap Upload.

b – “Google+”

  • Key in the required text.

  • Tap Share.

c – “Facebook”

  • Key in the required text.

  • Tap Post.

d – “Twitter”

  • Key in the required text.

  • Tap Tweet.

e – “YouTube”

  • Key in the required text.

  • Tap the upload icon.