How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen ? – Tutorial

It has happened so many times – while you are putting your phone back to the pocket and a slight miss result in a drop and a dreaded cracked screen. Then you press the panic button and start goggle for all the nearest repair shop, only to find that their charges to fix are way more than the cost of your device.

Now if only the glass is cracked and the screen is still working, you don’t need to panic about changing the entire costly display as a mere change of only the front glass (which is quite cheap) would serve the purpose.

But if your LCD screen is damaged then be prepared to buy a new Galaxy S3 LCD screen digitizer to replace Samsung Galaxy s3 screen. It’s pretty easy to do it with only requisite, that is to be precautious.

quick screen replacement tutorial for the samsung galaxy s3

Step by step procedure – samsung galaxy s3 lcd screen replacement:

icon_thread_new_smStep 1:

  • If your Smartphone already has a protective screen guard then you are set.

  • If not then just stick a piece of packaging tape on top of the screen which will help you in removing all the broken glass pieces later.

icon_thread_new_smStep 2:

  • With the help of a plastic opening tool, just open the back case which will come out quite easily.

  • Remove the battery which is attached without any cables.

  • Remove your Sim card or MicroSD card.

icon_thread_new_smStep 3:

To remove the mother board assembly:

  • First remove all the ten 4.0 mm screws attaching the mid-frame to the front panel assembly.

  • Then clutch the left side of the plastic mid-frame with your Forefinger and thumb to lift it away from your phone.

  • Use a plastic tool to lever open the front-facing camera connector from its socket.

  • Disconnect the digitizer cable by prying its connector up from its socket.

  • Detach the display data cable from the motherboard.

  • Detach the Wi-Fi antenna cable connector from its socket.

  • And move the cable out of the way.

  • Remove the single 3.0 mm screw attaching the motherboard to the front panel assembly.

  • Now carefully lift the bottom of the motherboard assembly and remove it away from the front panel assembly, minding any cables that might snag.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Lcd Screen Repair

icon_thread_new_smStep 4:

  • Employ a heat gun or use a hair dryer to heat the screen and slowly work your way to take the gorilla glass out by using a plastic opening tool to carefully separate the edges of the glass.

Reminder: You might need to use the heat gun a number of times as you go down separating the glass, so use an infrared thermometer and heat the surface up to 170-180° F (roughly 70-80° C), which will loosen the glue but not damage the electronics.

  • Now just gently pull the screen from the top to the button to the point where the menu and return button cables are visible.

  • Gently detach the cables.

icon_thread_new_smStep 5:

Once the gorilla glass is out, now you need to take the LCD digitizer out.

  • Again use your heat gun to heat and slowly pull it out.

  • Once the LCD digitizer is out, just clean it by first pulling out any sticky stuff.

  • Pull the adhesive off from your new LCD screen digitizer and slowly glue it on. Just make sure you get that one connector through one of the holes. (And do make sure to put home button back on before you start attaching).

icon_thread_new_smStep 6:

  • Once the screen digitizer is attached, put the gorilla glass back on (or a new glass if it is cracked or damaged).

  • Put the motherboard back in and do attach all the connectors.

icon_thread_new_smStep 7:

  • Before assembling back everything, just insert the battery and power your Samsung Galaxy S3 to check if everything is working.

  • Once everything is verified, assemble back everything on.

And now you own an almost brand new working Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. For further queries, you can also contact samsung customer services.

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