How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S iii Camera (Rear-Facing)?

Replace the Rear-Facing Camera in your Samsung Galaxy S III.

So you stupidly had your phone case off! Just missed and dropped your phone while taking it out of your pocket! And though it didn’t fall that far, it dropped just hard enough to damage its rear camera.

Now you are looking to find a way to fix the broken rear camera, preferably without much cost.

The decision to have Samsung fix it would probably cost at least $70 plus and possibly more. You would have to be without your beloved device for at least 3 weeks. And of course, they would surely wipe out your phone, setting it back to the factory state. Now that would certainly mean you most likely would lose your unlocked boot loader. Thus, it certainly is not a good option.

Better option would be the DIY (Do it yourself) option, which though require much precautions but is not that tedious. Just follow this step by step procedure to replace the rear facing camera of your Galaxy S3 device:


Tools required:

  • Plastic razor blade.
  • Plastic Rear Case opening tool.
  • Phillips #0 screwdriver.


VISUAL GUIDE – Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S III Rear-Facing Camera Replacement


Step 1:

Open the rear case:

  • Wedge the plastic opening tool into the gap between the rear case and the main frame of the phone, located just at the top of your device.
  • Slowly twist the plastic tool to disconnect the clips attaching the top of the rear case.
  • Just slide the plastic opening tool towards left along the top edge and again twist to widen the gap between the rear case and the main frame.
  • Continue to slide the plastic opening tool around the edges of your device and gently pry up the rear case.
  • After prying, just lift up to remove the rear case off the device.

Step 2:

  • Remove the battery, SIM Card and the Micro SD card.

Step 3:

  • Unscrew all the ten 4.0 mm Phillips #0 screws, using the Phillips screwdriver, to detach the mid frame from the front panel assembly.
  • Hold the left side of the plastic mid frame with your thumb and forefinger and separate it away from the device front assembly.

Step 4:

To disassemble motherboard:

  • Use a plastic razor tool to pry open the connector of the front-facing camera from its socket on the motherboard.
  • Disconnect the digitizer cable by gently prying it up from its socket on the motherboard.
  • Disconnect the display data cable from the motherboard.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna cable connector from its socket on the motherboard.
  • Slowly move the cable out of the way of the motherboard.
  • Just unscrew the single 3.0 mm Phillips #0 screw attaching the motherboard to the front panel assembly.
  • Carefully lift the bottom of the motherboard assembly and just pull it away from the front panel assembly, minding any cable snag.

Step 5:

Remove rear – facing camera:

  • Flip over the motherboard assembly.
  • Use your plastic razor tool to pry open the rear-facing camera connector from its socket.
  • Remove the rear-facing camera off the motherboard.
  • Replace your rear facing camera.

Step 6:

To reassemble your device, follow the above mentioned instructions in exact reverse order.

  • Just reassemble back your motherboard and carefully attach all the connections which were popped off.
  • Put back the SIM card, micro SD card and the battery.
  • Before screwing back all the nuts, just Turn On your device to check whether every feature is properly working or not (especially rear camera).
  • After checking everything is okay, put back all the screws.

Now, your device is ready to click your favorite pictures which you can instantly share with your friends. For more info you can contact at samsung customer service number.



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