How to Replace Galaxy Note 3 Screen Digitizer?

glaxy Note3

Now for all those of you who recently got their brand new Galaxy Note 3 screen broken, you might be keen to learn galaxy note 3 LCD replacement procedures all by yourself as it’s quite easy to do.

Firstly, make sure if your screen is working or not.  Now if your screen does not turn on, then you can follow the below mentioned step by step tutorial on galaxy note 3 LCD replacement to replace the entire note 3 digitizer screen assembly.

Secondly, if your touch screen is still working but it’s just your glass that is cracked, then you might have to replace just the glass only. Now if you crack your screen digitizer while removing the cracked glass, then again you will have to go for complete Galaxy Note 3 LCD replacement.

Thirdly, now if your screen works but not your touch screen, it means you surely require to replace your whole note 3 screen digitizer assembly.

Following are items needed to repair your broken Galaxy note 3 digitizer screen:

• Small Phillips 360/PH00x50 Screwdriver.

• Plastic Razor Tool.

• Plastic Case Opening Tool.

Now just follow these steps:

How to Replace Screen Digitizer on Galaxy Note 3

Step 1:

First you need to disassemble your Note 3 device:

  • Switch off your Note 3 device.
  • Now remove the device back cover as well as the battery.
  • Use your Phillips Screwdriver to unbolt all the 12 panel screws securing both the back as well as front housing.
  • After unscrewing, just get your Note 3 stylus/S-pen about half-way mark and gently pull it up till the plastic frame comes off.  Now use a plastic razor tool (even a guitar pick or long fingernails will do), to slide around the edges to get the entire frame off which will pop out eventually.
  • Pop off all the six cables connectors and the antenna connectors which include – the proximity sensor, front-facing camera, LCD screen, head phone jack, charging and home button.
  • Now remove the motherboard.

Step 2:

After disassembling your Note 3 device:

  • Now use your Phillips screw driver to push one of the holes on the top-right of your Note 3 device which will make your screen digitizer to pop out at the front.
  • After a small gap is formed at the front, use your plastic razor tool to insert and slide it downwards towards the bottom till the complete screen digitizer comes off.
  • Peel it off.

Step 3:

Prepare and place your new Note 3 LCD screen digitizer:

  • Clean off the entire adhesive residue with a clean cloth.
  • Pull the film off your new LCD screen digitizer assembly.
  • Just cut the end tape attached to the LCD flex cable to allow the LCD connector to get easily connected.
  • Now first attach the home button to your new screen digitizer assembly. After that just put the new digitizer assembly on top of the main panel frame while ensuring that your LCD connector properly goes through the top left hole.
  • Now once the screen digitizer is properly set, the next step is just to reassemble your Note 3 device (reverse of entire Step 1).

Step 4:

  • Now before you begin to place all the screws back on, just put your battery back to check whether your touch screen, screen digitizer, Bluetooth, WIFI and all other sensors are properly working or not.
  • If any of the above is not properly functioning then you need to disassemble your device again and fix the problem.


Once your Galaxy Note 3 LCD replacement is done, your Note 3 device would be just like the day you bought it! For more info you can contact samsung customer service phone number .


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