How To Perform Samsung Galaxy S4 Digitizer Replacement?

How To Perform Samsung Galaxy S4 Digitizer Replacement?

Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement For Galaxy S4 

Performing a do it yourself – to assemble or disassemble your phone device and opting for Samsung galaxy s4 repair all by yourself is way easy and you don’t need to shell out more money to get your Samsung S4 LCD replacement done from costly repair shops.

Thanks to all those people who opted to change their LCD screen digitizers on their own and left behind how to do it detailed instructions.  There are number of YouTube videos and user guides available on the net which provides all the details on how to get the Galaxy S4 digitizer replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assembly Replacement.

Step by step procedure to replace Galaxy S4 LCD screen:

Step 1:

  • First make sure your device is fully switched off before you start your replacement work.
  • Now remove the back cover.
  • Remove the battery, your Sim-card or any Micro SD card.
  • Use a Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove the nine screws from the panel.

Step 2:

  • Now use a plastic razor tool to wedge it between the seams of the back panel to remove it from the device.

Step 3:

To remove the motherboard:

  • First pop off all the five connecters.
  • Then unscrew one black screw on the top right corner which holds the motherboard.
  • Now gently pull the motherboard away from your device.

Step 4:

  • After removing the motherboard, unscrew two more small Phillips black screws.
  • Now use a small head screwdriver to remove the small black cover.
  • Then remove the headphone jack.
  • Now remove the ear speaker as well as the attached sensors.
  • Lift out the front camera.
  • Use the same head screwdriver to lever open up and remove the vibration motor.
  • Remove the USB port cover which is silver in color.
  • Just release the pop connector that is located on the long flex cable about the mid-left section of your device. Now gently start peeling off the flex cable as well as the assembly from the bottom of the device.

Reminder: The bottom USB circuit board is stuck with some adhesive, so you need to be very careful about not damaging the flex cable assembly.

  • Lastly, just remove the lower flex assembly and release circuit port completely from the panel.

Step 5:

  • To finish the disassembly of your Galaxy S4 you need to flip the screen assembly over and use the heat gun or a hair dryer to warm the outer edges of the screen and to loosen the adhesive holding the LCD digitizer to the main panel frame.
  • Keep the heat gun about 3-4 inches away from your screen and set heat level to the minimum.
  • After the adhesive properly gets warm and loose, use a plastic razor tool to insert in between the touch screen seam and front housing to entirely remove the screen assembly from the main panel.

Step 6:

  • Just clean up any adhesive residue or glass flakes or any other debris with a clean cloth or wiper.
  • Use a fresh adhesive to glue your new LCD screen digitizer assembly into the mid-frame and front panel.

Step 7:

  • After replacing your LCD digitizer, just re-assemble your Galaxy S4 device beginning with the motherboard.
  • Slowly and firmly pop the motherboard back in.
  • Re-attach all the connectors which were popped off and make sure you do connect the blue wire from the USB circuit board.

Step 8:

  • Place back your battery, SIM card, Micro SD then switch ON your phone.
  • Test your video camera, Bluetooth, audio recording, WIFI and sound.  Make sure all are working properly.

Reminder: If it doesn’t work properly, you will need to disassemble your device again to check for proper connections.

When performing Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assembly Replacement, it is highly recommended that you need to do it slowly if you are disassembling your device for the first time.  Once you gain the expertise, you’ll find that this is something any one can do.

Once your Galaxy S4 replacement is done, your Galaxy S4 device would be just like the day you bought it! For more info you can call customer service department at samsung  phone number .


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