How to Organize Talkback Feature On My Samsung Galaxy Young Smartphone?

The Talkback special feature is specifically designed to assist visually impaired users with poor or no vision. Talkback feature assists in reading out aloud enough your current menu location and on-screen options selected by you. After turning on the feature, touch the screen with two fingers to navigate and select any item. Then from the Home screen, touch and select Apps > Settings > My Device > Accessibility.

icon_thread_new_smHow to Turn on your Talkback Feature?

icon_thread_new_smFollow these steps:

  • After selecting Accessibility, touch Talkback and then slide the slider OFF to turn Talkback ON.
  • Touch OK to continue and allow Talkback permissions to the device. Again touch OK to turn Talkback on and turn off those features which cannot be continued while Talkback is turned On.
  • The screen will display a tutorial (which also would be audible). You can either select Next > Finish to complete the tutorial or you can quit the tutorial with two fingers touch Exit. Touch facility is turned off while the tutorial is speaking.
  • If you would prefer to download a high-quality English language voice file, then touch OK with two fingers and then follow the on-screen instructions. And touch Do not show again if you wish to evade this message in the near future or touch Cancel to continue without downloading.

Note: A Samsung account is mandatory to download the voice file and it is recommended that the device is connected to a wireless network.

icon_thread_new_smHow to Turn off your Talkback?

Follow these steps:

  • Swipe your two fingers from the top to the bottom of your screen to access the Notification Panel.
  • With two fingers touch Talkback has been turned on option.
  • Scroll down the screen using your two fingers vaguely spread apart and with same two fingers touch Talkback option.
  • Now with two fingers slide the slider On to turn Talkback OFF and then touch OK with two fingers to finally shut down Talkback.

For more info you can contact samsung customer service phone number given here.


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