How To Connect DLNA-Enabled Devices To My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?

Connect DLNA-Enabled Devices Samsung Galaxy

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a distinguished data sharing service which allows its users to share media files among other DLNA-enabled devices at home over a Wi-Fi connection network.

When you open a media app on your device such as Music, Video or Gallery, the nearby devices would be displayed on your screen. There are more than one ways to connect to the nearby DLNA enabled devices, with the play media stored on those devices.

How to access a DLNA device from any other application?

If you are unable to detect the device which you are trying to connect and you are sure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi access point, just simply touch a device from the list to browse its contents. Then tap on any item to play it on your device.

Now in order to connect your samsung galaxy with other DLNA devices just turn on its sharing feature. When you receive a request from a nearby device which recognizes that you have chosen to share content, just either approve access by touching OK or reject it by tapping Cancel.

Follow these steps:

How To Connect DLNA-Enabled Devices To My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?

  • In the Home screen, tap on Apps > Settings > Nearby devices.

  • Then touch the switch Off to turn Nearby devices ON.

  • Tap on the Shared contents and mark on the media you want to share with other devices.

  • Select Allowed devices to view devices which you have approved for access purpose that can range up to 10 devices. To remove access, just mark the device’s checkbox and tap on Delete.

  • Select Denied devices to view devices which you have denied the access. If you wish to approve a device, just select that device and then tap Delete. Next time when the device is in your range you will again receive an access request. Tap on OK to approve it.

  • Tap on Download to, to select the preferred storage location to download the media from other devices.

  • Tap Download from other devices and select download request handler such as Always ask (default), Always accept or Always reject, to download content from any other remote devices.

Reminder: After turning on File sharing, there’s always a possibility that other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi access point might be able to access and view the similar content which you decide to share. We strictly recommend that you turn off File sharing when not in use especially at public Wi-Fi access points. For more info you can also call at samsung contact number for customer care department. Good Luck!

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