Royal Mail Contact Number 0345 774 0740

Royal Mail contact number
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Call the Royal Mail Customer Service team on 0345 774 0740 to make a complaint, resolve an issue or to get information about goods and services.

Ring the friendly Customer Service team at The Royal Mail to ask questions about their services. Royal Mail’s telephone operators are trained to deal with your queries in a speedy and efficient manner. Whether you want to make a complaint about a package that has arrived late or damaged, or you want to enquire about the many financial services they offer, their customer services team is waiting to assist you.

Royal Mail customer service 0345 774 0740

The Royal Mail can trace its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII was on the throne. Initially the postal service was used as a convenient way of communicating with Scotland but, in 1635, The Royal Mail was made available to the public by Charles 1st, but back then it was the recipient that paid for delivery, not the sender. Royal Mail now delivers letters and parcels all over the United Kingdom, and worldwide, via Parcelforce Worldwide. Royal Mail was privatised and in 2013 its stocks were floated on the Stock Market.

In 2015, the government sold all its remaining shares, ending 499 years of public ownership. Everyone knows the Royal Mail’s fleet of red delivery vans, the red post boxes and the postmen and women who deliver our mail every day. They keep the nation in touch and British businesses afloat.

The Royal Mail Contact Information

If you would prefer to address your complaint or comment to Royal Mail by post, you can write to them at their registered address:

Royal Mail,
100 Victoria Embankment,
United Kingdom.

Royal Mail Social Media

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Royal Mail Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most commonly asked questions from customers calling BRAND on 0345 774 0740 are:

My parcel was delayed in the post, and I could not give a gift on the advertised time frame. Can you offer me compensation?

In most cases, you will be offered 6 x 1st Class stamps if the item is delivered 3 or more working days after the due date, if you provide us with basic evidence of your claim. You must apply within 3 months of posting, and a recipient must claim within one month of receipt. If your item was sent by Special Delivery and arrives late, you will be refunded. If you have used Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm you will receive and extra £5 if it is more than 24 hrs late, or £10 if it is 7 or more working days beyond the promised delivery date.

I asked for my mail to be redirected after I moved, but this has not happened.

This can happen for a number of reasons. The redirection will not start until you have received a letter confirming it is in place. The redirection period may have ended. You may have a spouse still living at your old address. If a letter is addressed to ‘Mr and Mrs’, it will still be delivered to the old address. You may have received a letter from us asking for more details. If you have not replied to this letter, your redirect will not begin until you do. If you have mail delivered to ‘the occupier’, this is not redirected. If none of these apply to you, contact us and we will investigate. Use the redirect enquiry form here.

Royal Mail phone number 0345 774 0740

There always comes a time when we just want to speak to a human being, rather than try to find the answer to our problem online, or via email. Some problems just need a person-to-person chat, and can often be resolved in a fraction of the time that other methods take. When you really need to speak with a dedicated member of staff, committed to answering your question, it is the customer service phone number you will need.

Royal Mail Customer Services Phone Number 0345 774 0740

Use this dedicated Customer Service Number to talk to Royal Mail about your queries or complaints. They are waiting to take your call, and are highly trained in how to get your problem sorted out. This is the official Royal Mail number and it will get you to the right person in the right place, in as short a time as possible.


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