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Orange contact number 0844 800 3117

Orange was first launched in 1993 and over its 15 plus years of operating, it was one of the UK’s leading mobile networks. In 2000, France Telecom purchased the Orange brand from Vodafone to save it from inevitable divestment. France Telecom subsequently re-branded all its communications as Orange and operated the brand successfully for a number of years. In 2009, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom announced merger talks for their UK operations to create the UK’s largest mobile operator.

Orange Contact Numbers

Orange Customer Services 0844 800 3117
From Your Mobile 0844 800 5170
Complaints 0844 800 5174

In 2010, this deal was finalised and the merger was complete. This spelled the end for the Orange brand, as a new brand, EE, was announced to absorb it and T-Mobile. In 2015, all Orange tariffs were withdrawn by EE, bringing an end to the brand as it was known.

However, Orange is still a powerful brand, and there are still several million Orange customers requiring Orange customer services. These customers are in fact now EE customers, however people still refer to their mobile contract as ‘with Orange’, such is the power of the brand. Today, the only official Orange website is one for Orange online services, although there is also an Orange page on the EE website (linked, below).

Orange customer service 0844 800 3117

Because Orange no longer exists, when you call the Orange phone number you will in fact be speaking with EE customer service. Do not be alarmed by this – EE owns Orange. Your phone call will be with an automated menu where you will be given a couple of options. Which options you choose will determine which customer service department you are put through to. If you would rather write to Orange, we have provided details for doing so below. We have also provided a link to EE’s official Orange web page. To contact the Orange helpline on social media, use EE’s details.

This Orange phone number is available 8pm and 10pm Monday to Friday or 6pm to 8pm on Saturday.

Orange contact information



Orange Centre Office
The Point 37
North West Road
W2 1AG.

If Orange no longer exists, how can I speak to Orange on the phone?

Orange is owned by EE. EE absorbed Orange some years ago; that’s why all retail stores that used to be Orange are now EE stores. If you phone the Orange number, you will be put through to EE. If you are still the owner of an Orange contract, when it comes time to renew your contract, it’ll be with EE. It’s important to remember however that there is still one Orange product on the market, and that is Orange email. If your query is related to Orange email, there’s a good chance your call will be put through to a specialist Orange helpline email team who can deal with you.

Will the Orange brand be back?

It’s unlikely that EE will bring back the Orange brand. They are the UK’s largest network with no need for another brand. If they were to bring it back in the future, it is highly unlikely it would be as a mobile network. It would probably be as a streaming service, or a new product that EE needs to assess market demand for.

How to make the most of your call to Orange

You can speed up your enquiry to Orange customer services by having your account details to hand when you call. This includes your agreement number or customer number if applicable as well as your mobile phone number. The customer service advisor you speak to will seek to confirm your identify first and foremost, so if you have any secret questions it is also a good idea to write down the answers. If you calling the Orange number to making a complaint, make a note of the key dates, times and points of your complaint so that you put your case across effectively.

A history of Orange before the EE takeover

Orange is a company that still holds a special place in the hearts of countless British consumers. Though it no longer exists in the UK as an independent entity, Orange is still an iconic brand, largely thanks to their bold, inventive branding and taglines like ‘The Futures Bright, the Future’s Orange’. Through years of expansion and great deals for consumers, they became one of the biggest mobile networks in the UK, right alongside T-Mobile. Before all that though, Orange had an origin quite unlike the rest of the telecoms industry, so join us as we repeat it.

Orange as we know it today began life with the formation of Microtel Communications Ltd, a not so catchy name for a consortium of Pactel, British Aerospace, Millicom (who also were a founding force in Vodafone, incidentally) and Mantra. Hutchison Whampoa, who are now known as the owners of Three, acquired a controlling stake in Microtel. At the time, Microtel has secure a license to develop a personal communications network in the UK, something that would be crucial to the launch of Orange down the road.

Hutchison moved quickly to rename Microtel to Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd, and on the 28th of April 1994, launched the ‘Orange’ brand with a 1800-MHz GSM network in the UK.

That Orange branding was a watershed moment for British advertising in the 90s, especially branding in the telecoms market. At the time, the market was flooded with telecoms companies with technical, dull branding. Yet, today, we see countless bold brands in the marketplace, like O2, EE and Three.

The new Orange was created by an internal team within Microtel, headed by Marketing Director Chris Moss (who has since gone on to work with B&Q) and supported by Martin Keogh, Rob Furness and Ian Pond. Wolff Ollins were tasked with designing the brand values and logo, whilst WCRS worked on that most iconic of slogans – ‘The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orange’.

Growth within the company was incredible, and by April 1996 the company was to be launched on the London Stock Exchange. Following that float, the company was majority owned by Whampoa (48.22%), with a smaller amount owned by BAe (21.1%). Such was the valuation of the company that by July of 1996, Orange became the youngest company ever to enter the FTSE 100, valued at £2.4 billion.

A series of rapid-fire takeovers would occur within a year, first to Mannesmann AG for $33 billion, then by Vodafone for $183 billion (as Vodafone bought Mannesmann). Shortly thereafter, Vodafone were forced to sell Orange thanks to competition rules, resulting in the sale of Orange to France Telecom for £37 billion. Amazingly, these takeovers happened within just a single year.

From there, Orange began to take over the British marketplace.

Orange Customer Services 0844 800 3117
From Your Mobile 0844 800 5170
Complaints 0844 800 5174

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