Virgin Media News Update: Virgin Media Top Netflix UK ISP Speed Index

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Virgin Media news update: Virgin Media’s internet service has once again been deemed the best peak time broadband provider in the Netflix UK ISP Speed Index.

Since being launched in November 2012, Virgin Media have held the top spot for peak time broadband services – ideally best for viewing all the entertainment shows on Netflix – on the Netflix UK ISP Speed Index, apart from for one month in last October when BT received the accolade.

The speeds were reviewed over a period of three months; October to December 2013 and showed that Virgin Media came back with the best readings: 2.45-2.99Mbps. For all the other providers in this time period, BT came in at 2.66Mbps which was up from 2.48Mbps in October; Sky and O2 averaged top readings of 2.44Mbps and while TalkTalk continued to struggle with readings of just 2.35Mbps, they did not come in bottom of the table. EE secured that spot with just 2.32Mbps.

Netflix UK has conceded that there are many reasons the readings fluctuate to such an extent, firstly the simple difference in home Wi-Fi can mean that the results obtained from one home could be vastly different from a different home in the same area. The devices used by the customers also affects the readings, some demand more or less Wi-Fi usage for other applications, or it could indeed be Netflix UK’s own encodes which are different for all of their films and TV programmes.

Virgin Media News Update

As if these readings aren’t enough to entice customers to Virgin Media for their internet services, the company are also offering discounted broadband for the first six months of a new contract. This means that customers will be able to receive 30MB broadband services for just £4 per month for the first six months. This is of course provided that the customer subscribes to a Virgin Media landline for £15.99 per month and once the six months has been completed the price per month will more than double to £15.50 per month.

Customers can save £69 in the first six months and receive 30MB broadband while also receiving a Virgin Media Super Hub Wireless Router which ensures the delivery of reliable superfast broadband and included in the contract is unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Media mobile phones.

If you are interested in receiving the services of Virgin Media, it is advised that you contact them directly and speak with a member of their customer care department. Click here to contact virgin media customer services for all of this relevant information.