The Scope of Modern Entertainment

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When it comes to home entertainment, the scope for what’s on offer has expanded hugely over the past 2 or 3 decades, now the possibilities are almost endless. It all started with the wireless in the early 20th Century and as the possibilities for what could be broadcast over these devices expanded, so did the popularity of them. Now, the average sitting room in the average home contains the opportunity for its inhabitants to watch or listen or play whatever they desire at the touch of a button.

This is predominantly thanks to the internet and the astonishing volume of information that is accessible through this platform. This also means that the companies who have been traditionally known for their televisual and radio specialities have expanded their services to include internet and telephone services.

From the customers’ perspective, this is a major bonus as it allows for a more cost effective package to be bought into. As the internet and telephone lines are so closely connected and digital television services also demands an internet connection it is in the company’s favour to offer the bundle, which is also in the customers’ favour. Of course it’s not all about the cost of the connection, it’s also about the quality.

There are three leading companies who offer this type of service: BT, Sky and Virgin Media. All three now offer phone, broadband and television services all in one bundle. Which one is most suited for you is of course dependent on your entertainment needs.

Sky have been the leader in the pay TV market, especially if what you’re after is the ability to view sports or movies. Sky TV, under the company BSkyB, worked hard to secure the exclusive rights to broadcast sporting events and the most up to date movies. They have recently expanded their services in order to offer On Demand services so it is not even necessary to view these shows as they are broadcast live.

Virgin Media offer a similar service but transmitted through cables and as opposed to satellites and therefore is only available in built-up areas. BT however have started to challenge Sky for their top spot in the Pay TV rankings and have launched a sports channel that comes as standard when customer’s purchase the broadband service.

The two companies’ rivalry has been rumbling on since BT announced the launch of these channels and it is clear to see how the offers have been reflected in order to entice more customers – both are offering channels as an add-on to their broadband services.

When looking at the best deal for you and your family, it is worth remembering that games consoles such as the Xbox also require internet connections and these devices can be used to access many internet based entertainment services such as catch-up and on demand television.

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