The Energy Supply Companies' Battle

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Energy companies frequently find themselves on the wrong end of the criticism stick; they supply a necessity product and customers will always complain. Energy allows for residents of any establishment – homes and businesses – to receive the most basic of utilities and it encompasses all of the formats in which energy can be supplied: gas, electricity, water.

The major problem that is being faced by energy companies is the rising cost of the supply, which of course drives up the price they charge the customer – or at least this is the argument. There are six major companies who operate throughout the UK supplying the public with these services and at times, these six are grouped together and summoned to Parliament in order to establish what exactly it is that has led to these price increases.

This is rare to say the least that these energy companies would be summoned in this manner, but when the public as a whole are finding themselves struggling to pay energy bills, questions have to be asked. The unfortunate truth is that energy costs money and in light of the number of electrical items the average home owner uses and the size of rooms and so on, it is natural that the costs would increase.

There are of course ways that residents can reduce the amount of energy they use personally, although this won’t have any effect on the price per unit that the individual receives from the company it should reduce the total bill. Many companies have offered advice on how to do this – showering in pairs for example as well as finding alternative activities to watching the television, and going to bed earlier than usual.

One tactic that a large number of customers use is to regularly change your supplier. This can be a tiresome task in terms of the admin that is involved but if you are willing to sacrifice your time in favour of your bank account, it can be the way forward. Many energy companies offer new customers a reduction in fees as an incentive, but this can only ever be a temporary measure and the charges will inevitably reach a similar level.

In order to assist customers with this task of switching between companies, several internet based comparison websites have established themselves. This means the customer can enter all the relevant information about their energy usage and the website will do the work for them, comparing companies such as EDF, Eon, Npower, British Gas and Scottish Power.

The customer is requested to select whether they wish to receive all of their energy from one company and pay one bill for the two or three services, or to receive it from three separate companies therefore paying three separate bills. There is no “right” way to do this, nor has it been discovered that one way is more cost effective than another – it is simply down to personal choice.