The Benefits of Technology

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Technology is an ever-evolving concept, and covers a broad spectrum at that. In the current era the word technology applies to all electronic items we own. New versions are constantly being released meaning the technologies’ capacities are limitless – an exciting concept for some, a tedious one for others.

There is no doubt that society and technology are intrinsically linked – one spurs on the other and creates new demands all the time. To the same token however, developments in technology allow for society to reach new heights; it is not a one way cycle. The question often arises of course, how much do we need these new products? How much of a problem is the elitist nature that some companies promote?

Well, for the first question the most important thing to query is whether the product actually produces an outcome that is favourable to the user. For example, internet has now become a standard fixture in homes, restaurants, shops and businesses therefore meaning that everyone has the option to be constantly connected. In the past, when the internet was first a presence in homes, those who wished to use it had to connect through a physical wire, meaning usage was somewhat limited to that specific location.

Now, it is possible to be connected and communicating almost uninterrupted wherever you are in country or even the world. Arguably not a necessity – the world and civilisation survived before we could update followers of progress from London to Manchester in 140 characters or fewer. However, the perquisites of being able to stay in contact with all and sundry opens up a number of useful avenues. For example, as business men and women have discovered, being able to work whilst travelling is invaluable and essentially provides extra time in which to prepare for a meeting or presentation.

In addition to this, the safety and wellbeing aspects must not be overlooked. Making sure that children, for example, are able to inform their parents of their arrival at a friend’s or family member’s home is as important as conducting business.

It is also underestimated how revolutionary it is that communication around the globe can be held through technology. Travel and permanent residencies in countries on the opposite side of the world are a much more regular occurrence than it used to be and without technology families and friends would not be able to stay up to date on all of the gossip!

As for the elitist aspect, it can be damaging to a company as it can isolate them and if the product does not stand the test of time this is ultimately going to seal their failure. On the other hand, companies like Apple have successfully manufactured a series of products that interact on a more sophisticated level and are one of the most successful technology manufacturers in the world – and are showing no signs of relinquishing this crown.

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