Sky TV Channels To Be Costlier From September Ownwards

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Sky TV Channels To Be Costlier From September Ownwards

Sky TV is perhaps the most popular TV provider around the country with an enormous choice of channels, which happens to include Sky Atlantic – an extremely popular channel. The TV provider will now be increasing its monthly rates for a few select TV channels from September onwards. The rise in the rates will vary from subscription to subscription but sky sports will face a rise of at least 11%.

Sky’s Original Bundle is usually referred to as the entry level deal. The entry level deal comes with Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and over 30 channels (35 specifically). The monthly rate for the entry level deal will remain as it is (£21.50/month) and existing sports, movies and the other general TV customers will now have to pay 50p, £1 or £2.50 more each month.

Since Sky Sports can’t be subscribed on its own, which means the sum total of the monthly rate will increase. If you have the original sports bundle, you will face a 5.4% increase in the sum total. But if you have sky Sports with The Variety Bundle, which will go up by at least £1 – a 5.8 per cent rise.

 The existing customers are being contacted by means of a newsletter about the rise in price. The rise however will not be applied until the 1st of September, and the new customers signing up for the TV packages will be billed the newly raised prices.

Sky TV packages will be billed the newly raised prices

How will the rise in rate affect existing Sky customers?

The Variety Bundle will be increased from the old price of £27/month by £1 to the new price of £28/month. The kid’s channels like Cartoon Network and the documentary channels like National Geographic and Discovery Channel will also be raised for existing customers by £1.

The much bigger Family Bundle pack, which consists of over 50 HD channels, will also be increasing by £1 – from £32 to £33.

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The first six months of all Sky TV bundles are always discounted for new customers who order online. When considering the monthly rate along with the discount, the prices will be:

  1. Original Bundle – £10.75/month
  2.  Variety Bundle – £17.25/month
  3. Family bundle – £22.25.

After those first six months, the discount will increase to £21.50/month, £28/month and £33/month respectively. However the Customers buying over the phone or by means of other channels will be billed the older prices, at least until September 1st. By Doing so, you will also have a 60 day price guarantee, which would allow you to pay the same amount for 2 months including September if you order your subscription before or by the end of august.

Sky Sports will have the largest increase; it will be raised by £2.50 – From £22 to £24.50. Sky Movies will also increase to £16.50 per month – a 50p increase. But the prices for Sky Broadband and line will not change.

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Why is Sky putting up its prices?

Sky is increasing the costs of TV channels in order to acquire rights to Premier League games for the 2014 and 2015 season and launch new channels like Sky Sports 5 and ITV Encore and also in renewing deals with the likes of HBO to bring shows like Game of Thrones, Broadwalk Empire, Girls and Silicon Valley

But that is hardly all of it, Sky is trying to shape the future of Television, Sky is filming football matches in 4K Ultra HD and sharing its data with the DTG’s UK UHD Forum. And we all know that the process of advancement can be long and rather expensive. For more details, call Sky Customer Service.

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