Eon Offer Tips For Cutting Energy Bills

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Eon news update: new advice coming from energy suppliers is to find innovative ways to cut monthly energy costs, including showering with your partner.

With the cost of basic energy seemingly going through the roof, some energy companies and money management companies have offered up some solutions in order to reduce these monthly outgoings.

Eon have recently come under scrutiny from regulators after a complaint was made by a previous Eon employee, calling themselves a whistleblower. The accusation was that Eon customer service assistants were encouraged to “tell white lies” in order to entice customers into taking out a contract with the company that would lessen the customer’s monthly outgoing. The scam was, so the accusation goes, that the Eon employee would alter the kilowatt usage until the price was cheaper than their previous offer and then of course the usage would increase and the customer would pay more.

While this is a specific example of an energy supply company manipulating their customers, there are genuine ways to reduce the amount of energy used in your home. As risqué as it may sound to some people, sharing showers can save households up to £34 per year – and it might just spice up your life a little bit too.

Eon News Update

Eon’s response was that they were very concerned about these accusations and have launched a full investigation as they are not willing to admit the claims. The ‘big six’ energy supply companies however have been summoned to Parliament in order to discuss claims such as these – Eon are not the first, SSE were fined in 2013 for misselling – as well as to give evidence regarding price rises. The latter summons is to reach a justification for why energy costs so much for consumers.

While it is important to discover why energy is costing so much and consumers can hope that the government reaches a resolution and manages to reduce these costs, there are ways to do this around the home. Showering together has already been mentioned, playing a good old-fashioned board game such as Monopoly can help – after all you will not be using the electricity to use a television. Going to be earlier will reduce costs; it will allow for you to heat your home for a shorter period of time and let’s face it, we could all use a little more sleep!

For more cost-saving ideas, Contact Eon and speak with a member of their customer service department.