BT Set To Raise Internet and Phone Charges in January

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BT news update: prices for customers with the company’s phone and broadband contracts will find themselves on the end of price increases in the new year.

BT are continuing to be a regular feature in the telecommunications headlines as their battle with rival company BSkyB rages on. Both companies are focussed on excelling in the sports broadcasting and entertainment market in order to become the most popular operator throughout the UK.

In order to attract more customers than their rival company, BT have injected millions of pounds into their sports broadcasting in order to obtain exclusive rights for some sporting events. This has to be countered elsewhere though of course and BT have been accused of gradually increasing their telephone and broadband charges in order to cover these costs.

In the first couple of weeks of the new year, customer will see their basic line rental increase from £15.45 to £15.99 per month. While this may not seem like a huge increase, one that could be easily absorbed, this is just the latest inflation. Five years ago, the basic line rental was £11.50 which means that the cost has increased by an average of around £1.00 per year since then.

BT News Update

There are also suggestions of increases to charges for some of the extra services offered by BT. For example their 1571 answer machine service is looking likely to be charged at £1.75 per month for the service – in the past this has always been a complimentary service. In addition to this the talking clock and the ‘caller display’ service have increased in charges.

The denial that these charges, announced in September, are in response to their demanding sports broadcasting does little to comfort those who are having to foot the bill for an increase in their monthly outgoings. Sky on the other hand are holding firm on their broadband and phone charges which has to get under BT’s skin to a certain extent.

Especially when the advice offered by many money management companies is simply to switch providers. The demand for internet and telephone services these days is so high that there is hardly a shortage of suppliers. This of course drives the competition up so finding a replacement supplier shouldn’t prove to be a problem.

If you are a BT customer and wish to learn more about these price increases and how they affect your expenditure, simply contact the BT customer services department.