Netflix Contact Number 0800 096 8879

Netflix contact number
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Call the friendly Customer Services team at Netflix on 0800 096 8879 to enquire about your account, to report an error or make a complaint.

Netflix is a huge organisation, with a Customer Services department to match. They deal with many calls an hour, and it is sometimes hard to get access to the right person in the right department. Other Customer Services number you may find online for Netflix can keep you hanging on the line for up to 20 minutes whilst they try to connect you. Our number avoids this, cutting waiting time down to a minimum and getting you to the right representative in the right department, fast.

Netflix Customer Service 0800 096 8879

Netflix Inc. is a provider of on-demand internet streaming of media to customers in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.  They also provide a DVD by mail service in the United States, where customers can have DVDs and Blu-ray discs sent out by mail at a flat rental rate. Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings formed the company in 1997. The company now has a customer base of 69.7 million subscribers around the world for streaming services, and over 100,000 titles on DVD. There are 43 million subscribers in the United States. Netflix’s market value stands at around $32.9 billion.

Netflix Contact Information

If you would prefer to address your complaint or comment to the company by post, you can write to them at their registered address:

Netflix International,
B.V. Keizersgracht,
440 1016 GD,
The Netherlands.

Netflix Social Media Accounts

TwitterFacebookOfficial Page.

Netflix Frequently Asked Questions

Two of the most commonly asked questions from customers calling Netflix on [NUMBER] are:

How does the Free Trial work?

When you sign up for the Netflix Free Trial you will instantly be able to watch movies and TV shows over the internet via your internet connected device. This could be a TV via your PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 or any other enabled device. You can also watch on your computer or tablet. Enjoy Netflix for a month, absolutely free, and if you are happy to continue using the service after a month, you will automatically be signed up and pay the monthly subscription. You can cancel your membership at any time, 24/7, by opting out online. There is no contract and no cancellation fee for ending your subscription as it is a rolling month-to-month arrangement.

How do I set Parental Controls on my Netflix account?

Go to the ‘Your Account’ page, via your computer, and select ‘Manage Profiles’. Here you will be able to set Parental Controls that will apply to all your devices which are connected to your Netflix account. There are four levels of control available. Little Kids’ (U), ‘Older Kids’ (G, PG), ‘Teens’ (2, 12A, G-12, G-15) and ‘Adult’ (15, 18, R18, G-16, G18, GB-Not Rated). You can see the explanation for the content of each of these age categories online at the Netflix rating system information page. If you want to set one of these as a default, you can override it with the use of a PIN number. This way you can be sure your children are not exposed to Adult content by accident.

Netflix Phone Number 0800 096 8879

Many large companies would rather only a few of its customers get through to a customer service representative. It is more convenient and cost-effective for companies for customers to try and find the answer to their queries online in FAQ sections, or via a ‘live chat’ with an operator. But, what if you really need to speak to somebody in person, because your query cannot be answered online, and needs sorting out in person? This is where the published customer service number comes in.

Netflix Customer Services Phone Number 0800 096 8879

Avoid spending time hunting down the right number for the right department online. Use our number to get put through to the right department in double quick time. Other numbers you may find online can take a long time to put you through. You don’t want to be left on hold for ten minutes while your call is connected – you want to be put through in the shortest possible time. This is where the official number can save you precious minutes.


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