How much does BT Broadband Cost?

When it comes to choosing your broadband provider in 2017, there are more options than ever before. From bundled-in broadband from the likes of Sky and Virgin to low-cost broadband alternatives from TalkTalk and Plusnet, there are countless options available to the savvy shopper.

For most of us though, we tend to look towards the big hitters of the broadband market, and they don’t come much bigger than BT.

BT are the oldest company in the UK’s telecommunications industry and have been right at the forefront as we moved from public to home phones, home to mobile and from dial-up to broadband. Today, they offer everything from TV to mobile contracts, but their most popular service remains BT Broadband.

So, in this guide, we’re going to share with exactly how much BT Broadband costs.

How much does it cost?

BT’s home broadband packages are split into two categories; BT Broadband deals, BT Infinity deals Let’s break them down.

All information correct as of January, 2017.

BT Broadband deals

BT Broadband deals are BT’s lowest rung on the broadband ladder, offering slower speeds and usage caps. Their standard deal is simply called Broadband and offers up to 17Mbps download speeds, a 12GB monthly cap, 5GB of BT Cloud storage, BT Virus Protection on 2 devices, BT Parental controls and BT Sport.

The total cost for this package is £22.99 a month, for a minimum of 12 months. That price includes BT line rental and UK anytime calls. A £9.99 set up charge will be included in your purchase.

Alternatively, BT offer an Unlimited version of that deal, which has the same speed, but comes with no usage cap and 100GB of BT cloud storage. Also improved is UK weekend calls, but this deal is an online exclusive, so you’ll have to go to their website to buy it.

In total Unlimited Broadband costs £26.49 a month, on a 12 month contract. A £9.99 upfront fee is charged for set up.

Both deals come with the BT Home Hub 4.

BT Infinity Deals

BT Infinity deals include BT’s Infinity range of broadband, which has faster download speeds and raised caps.

The standard Infinity deal is called Infinity 1 and has maximum download speeds of 52Mbps, along with a monthly usage cap of 25GB, 5GB of BT Cloud storage, BT Virus Protection on 2 devices, BT Parental controls and BT Sport. You’ll also get inclusive UK anytime calls.

On a 12 month contract, this deal costs £26.99 a month with a £59.99 upfront fee.

If you prefer your broadband without annoying data caps, Unlimited Infinity 1 improves upon the standard Infinity deal by removing the data cap and upping the BT Cloud storage to 100GB. UK weekend calls are also included.

On a 12 month contract, Unlimited Infinity 1 costs £34.99 a month, with a £59.99 upfront fee.

Unlimited Infinity 2 goes one step further and increased the speed to 76Mbps and boosts BT Cloud storage to 500GB (worth £100 a year) and expands BT’s virus protection software to 15 devices.

It costs £44.99 a month on a 12 month contract, but only has a £9.99 upfront fee.

Every Infinity deal comes with the BT Smart Hub, which BT claim is the UK’s most powerful WiFi router.