Lloyds Contact Number 0844 381 5182

Lloyds Contact Number 0844 381 5182

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To speak to a customer service representative at Lloyds, call the Lloyds customer service number on 0844 381 5182. This Lloyds phone number will put you through to the company’s automated system. This system is designed to connect you to the correct department first time; please follow the instructions your phone gives you to speed up your call.

Lloyds Customer Service 0844 381 5182

Having been established as a collaborative banking group for more than fifteen years, Lloyds is now separate from its TSB counterpart. Lloyds Banking Group sold TSB to Spanish bank Sabadell at a significant loss in 2015. Estimates suggest that the loss was in the region of £745m. Since then, the Lloyds brand has undergone significant change, ditching its corporate look and feel for an image that’s more personal and local.

Lloyds Contact Numbers

They have also invested considerably in their customer service infrastructure, to reduce Lloyds helpline call times and improve customer satisfaction rates.

Lloyds customer service for personal and business customers

As a Lloyds customer, you can expect swift and efficient customer service from your bank. Lloyds operates a number of UK call centres and call centres in India. When you phone the Lloyds telephone number, however, which call centre you are put through to depends on the nature of your call. Many people find themselves put through to their local branch, however general enquiries are usually not. These are usually diverted to India or a UK call centre. The good news is that these call centres are home to a passionate and knowledgeable team.

Lloyds contact number 0844 381 5182

You can use this contact number for a range of enquiries related to:

– Current accounts
– Savings accounts
– Business accounts
– Loans
– Mortgages
– Insurance products
– Lost or stolen cards
– Making a complaint
– Plus much more.

If you would rather write to Lloyds or contact them on social media, here’s some useful information for doing that:

Lloyds contact information

Website: https://www.lloydsbank.com/


25 Gresham Street,


Social media:


How to make the most of your phone call to Lloyds

If you are calling the Lloyds helpline for a query related to your business or personal account, we recommend you write down your account number as well as your unique online banking ID so that Lloyds can pull up your details quickly. If you have any secret questions, you should write your answers down to avoid getting them wrong. If you are not an existing customer of Lloyds, and you are calling the Lloyds telephone number on somebody else’s behalf, please be aware that Lloyds will not be able to deal with your requests. Only the account holder, or a registered representative of the account holder, can do this.

What is the best way to contact Lloyds?

This depends on the nature of your enquiry. Calling the Lloyds customer service number is a fantastic way to get answers to your account-related questions. However for new products, the best way to get information is either on their website or at your local branch. The latter is especially true when opening a new account. If you are a business customer, then Lloyds will allocate a business manager to you at your local branch to ensure that you get the best possible customer service. Contacting Lloyds on social media is also a good way to make initial contact, or to make a complaint.