Latest Virgin Media News – Nov, 2015

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Virgin Media Increase Broadband & Phone Prices

Virgin Media customers are on something of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment, as they discover not all that glitters is gold. Take, for example, their promise to boost home broadband speeds for their customers. The company had announced that it would boost its customers’ speeds by up to 200Mbps “at no extra cost”, but now they’re finding out otherwise.

Virgin Media have now clarified that the “no extra cost” statement only applied until February 2016, as that’s when the prices truly increase. Customers of the broadband and phone packages will see their bundles go up in price by around 5%, potentially paying up to £3.99 a month more. Naturally, this has lead to a string of complaints on the 0844 800 3118 contact number for Virgin Media. A Virgin Media representative told The Register that the price increase was to cover the cost of the speed boost, and Virgin Media Managing Director Gregor McNeil said “We are doing everything we can to keep prices as competitive as possible. Through the continuing investment in our network we are again upgrading our customers’ broadband speeds and providing unlimited downloads – meeting the growth in data consumption we see.”

Source: The Register

Debate over Retransmission Fees Rages on

The Government is considering the introduction of retransmission fees in the United Kingdom. It’s common practice in the United States, but not here in the UK. Essentially, it would mean that ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 would receive payments from cable and satellite TV platforms for carrying the free-to-air channels. Now, Virgin have come out against the idea, claiming that three quarters of Britons are against the idea, because they would be a “rip off” that could result in higher costs for the public.

Virgin performed a study of 2,000 people and found that 76% of TV viewers “did not see the need to pay extra when commercial broadcasters already earn money from advertisements” and 71 per cent agreed this “double payment” was a “rip-off”. Although, one could describe that question as leading. ITV have hit back, however, saying “There is no evidence that the introduction of retransmission fees would mean increased costs for consumers” and pointing towards the US, where retransmission fees had little to no impact on pay TV prices.

Source: Campaign

Virgin Wi-Fi Now in 250 London Underground Stations

It’s fair to say that the addition of fast Wi-Fi has completely changed the way that people conduct themselves on London’s tube network. More and more, people spend their time underground glued to their phones, listening to music and checking up on social media.

The service launched from Virgin Media in 2012 and has now reached an astonishing 250 London Underground stations, up from 150 recently. According to Virgin Media, 20TB of data is now consumed on average each day, up from just 3TB a day 12 months ago. 20TB a day translated to 40MB per person on average, enough to listen to ten music tracks each.

Source: Railway Technology

Virgin Media Hit 4.6 Million Broadband Customers

Virgin Media have announced that they’ve added over 55,000 new UK broadband customers during the last quarter, bringing their overall customer base up to 4,625,000.

With their new Vivid branding coming in to force and with the UK’s fastest widely available broadband, Virgin should see those numbers improve further during the final quarter. Nevertheless, the company remain around 3 million customers behind Sky, who are their closest competitor. Mike Fries, CEO of Liberty Global, said “Subscriber growth is back on track with 320,000 RGU additions in the third quarter, including 220,000 new broadband subscribers. This acceleration in volume growth was fuelled by our operations in Germany and the U.K. Continued traction of our cutting-edge Horizon TV platform resulted in a record quarter of almost 250,000 new subscriptions.”

Source: uSwitch

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