Latest Three News – Nov, 2015.

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Three Customers Get Six Months Free Deezer

Being a Three customer certainly comes with its perks. The company have a huge range of the latest smartphones, extremely competitive pricing structures, a rock solid 4G network and a great customer service. Now though, the company have sweetened the pot even further by announcing they’ve struck a deal with Deezer to bring six months free service to each and every Three customer.

Deezer, for those who don’t already know, is a music streaming service like the ones Spotify, Apple and Google operate, but also includes podcasts and radio channels, so there’s always something for you to enjoy. Six months would usually cost you just shy of £60, so it really is a deal worth taking up. Indeed, the service will also be offering exclusive content and event access to Three customers.

To sign up, customers must create a new Deezer account through their website and then add Deezer to your Three mobile bill. Once you’ve entered your Three number, you’ll get a code sent through SMS which you’ll then need to enter on the website in order to claim your free six months.

Source: Mobile Choice UK

EU To Probe Potential Three-O2 Merger

Just as the merger between T-Mobile and Orange (in order to become EE) saw strong scrutiny from Brussels, so will the proposed £10.25 billion merger between Three and O2. Competition officials are concerned the deal will lead to higher prices for consumers, less competition and lower investment in networks. European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition regulation, said: “With this investigation we want to ensure that consumers in the UK do not pay higher prices or face less choice as a result of this proposed takeover.”

The move comes at a time when the UK mobile market is undergoing significant upheaval, with EE being purchased by BT and a deal from Vodafone to purchase Virgin Media narrowly falling through. As such, regulators have a right to be nervous about this deal, as it could leave the UK with a very small amount of competition but a high number of MVNOs.

Source: The Telegraph

Three Advert Could be Banned

The world of advertising is not only tightly regulated, but tightly contested. Things get even more heated when it’s between two bitter rivals, like Three and EE. The latter company recently launched a glossy new advertising campaign featuring a purple Muppet-style creature and the tagline ‘The undisputed UK’s most reliable network. Again’. It’s a strong campaign, and through its appearance in print, TV and on radio, has driven new customers to the 0844 381 5179 telephone number for Three.

Understandably, EE aren’t best pleased about the situation, and are making moves to have the Advertising Standards Authority investigate the advert over the claim. A spokesperson for EE said “We’d agree that reliability is critical to mobile customers. Purple puppets aside, it’s well known that to claim undisputed you need to win and unify the awards across all the awarding bodies. EE has recently won reliability awards, but that doesn’t make us ‘undisputed’. We’ve simply asked 3UK to reflect this.”

For its part, Three are standing by its claim, saying “According to YouGov, 3 UK has been rated the most reliable network by consumers on five consecutive occasions,” he said. “Customers rated 3 UK highest on all topics relating to reliability, such as reliability for calls and texts, reliability during the day and reliability during the evening. 3 UK also came out top for ‘overall reliability’’. We are very proud of this accolade, which is why we have chosen to celebrate it in our current [advertising] activity.”

Source: The Guardian

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