Latest T-Mobile News – Nov, 2015

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T-Mobile USA Announces Unlimited Video Streaming

T-Mobile USA are on the warpath yet again in their battle to wrestle control of the lion’s share of customers from the likes of Verizon and AT&T. Previously, they introduced refresh plans to the USA, and now they’re bringing unlimited video streaming to some of their contracts.

It’s called Binge On and it offers unlimited video streaming of 24 of the top services in America, meaning ESPN, Netflix, HBO, MLB, Sling and more. It means that customers can enjoy as much streaming video as they want without hitting their data cap. T-Mobile are saying that this is possible because of a new technology they’ve developed which optimizes video delivery.

Because T-Mobile decide which services get included in the Binge On programme, the company have come under fire from some consumer advocacy groups who say that it allows T-Mobile to act as a gatekeeper for content, which fundamentally violates the principle of neutrality on the Internet. Though, we suspect most people will just enjoy the chance to stream 10 straight episodes of Game of Thrones without hitting their data cap. Needless to say, the 0844 381 5186 customer care number for T-Mobile has been popular.

Source: Forbes

Ofcom Label EE Transaction ‘Inappropriate’

The telecoms regulator Ofcom has described a move by BT to charge part of its £12.5 billion acquisition of EE (made up of Orange and T-Mobile) to its Openreach division, which is in control over the national broadband network.

An Ofcom investigation into Openreach’s past financial year found that a £1.7 million charge relating to the purchase of EE had been included. In a consultation document, Ofcom ruled that “BT must not attribute costs in connection with BT Group’s acquisition of EE to business connectivity services”. Meanwhile, BT’s rivals Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone are concerned that this sort of behaviour could lead to increased costs for them, as they’re charged more to get access to Openreach’s network. It further strengthens their argument that Openreach has to be split from BT. “This is just another demonstration of the conflict of interest that BT’s ownership of Openreach creates,” said one telecoms executive. “Regardless of the amount, money from Openreach shouldn’t be diverted to pay for the other activities of BT Group, when it should be reinvested in improving the network. It underlines why we need an independent Openreach.”

Source: Financial Times

T-Mobile CEO Backs BlackBerry

Blackberry have been in a tough place these last few years. As smartphones shifted towards big screen, fast processors and slim designs, BlackBerry first failed to move with the times, and then failed to gauge consumer interest in its BlackBerry 10 OS. Things are beginning to change for BlackBerry though, as it recently adopted the world’s most popular mobile operating system – Android.

Making a debut on the well-received BlackBerry Priv, it’s a secure version of the software, which makes it ideal for businesses or just those which value their privacy (Priv is short for privacy, after all). Now, with the potential launch of the BlackBerry Vienna, again running Android, T-Mobile USA boss John Legere has placed his support behind the company to stage a comeback.

Indeed, whilst the BlackBerry Priv isn’t on the magenta network at present, a spokeswoman for the company said that they “may have something to report soon” and “we are definitely talking with BlackBerry”, both of which are promising statements to make. Meanwhile, Blackberry CEO John Chen is enthused with the support T-Mobile are offering, saying “I’m energized about our renewed relationship with T-Mobile and I’m excited about what 2016 will bring we continue to move forward together,”

Source: CNET

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