Latest Orange News – Nov, 2015.

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25 Premium Channels Added to EE TV

The market was surprised when EE announced they would wade into the pay TV war with a low cost box and subscription service, but that didn’t stop it from impressing when it landed. Blending excellent mobile applications, a quick and intuitive box and just £4.99 a month fees, it proved to be a minor hit for the company. No TV service that wants to survive can stand still though, and EE intend to keep moving there one forward. In that spirit, they’ve just announced that they’ll be adding 25 new premium TV channels to the service for customers to enjoy.

The move will give customers access to a number of channels found on rival service NOW TV, like Discovery Channel, History Channel, Cartoon Network and more. It’ll also get some exclusive channels, like British Europsport. All these channels will be available through the On Demand section of the EE TV box. Simeon Bird, Director of EE Broadband & TV said: “EE TV customers have always loved being able to pick and choose premium channels without the commitment of a fixed contract or a hefty monthly fee. These 25 new channels offer something for everyone, whether you like sport, documentaries, lifestyle shows, or want to keep the family entertained. It’s a great addition to EE TV’s On Demand section, which already contains a huge range of movies, entertainment, music, kids and international content.”

Source: uSwitch

EE Start Stocking TrackR Bravo Location Device

Are you tired of losing track of your keys, wallet, bag or other small item? It’s a common problem for those of us without impeccable memories, but increasingly there are some excellent options for finding them again.

One such option is the TrackR Bravo, it’s a clip, roughly the size of a two pound coin that can be attached to almost anything, from your bike to your purse. If you lose any of the items, the TrackR will connect up to an app on your phone and alert you as to its location, with a range of up to 100ft. It also features a Crowd GPS function, which means that if any TrackR users come within a mile of your lost item, you’ll be alerts of it too. The device is available from EE now in packs of one, two or four, with prices from £24.99

Source: Mobile News

EE Seeks Three TV Ad Ban

The world of mobile phone contracts is a cut throat one, and EE aren’t happy about the way Three are operating. The latter company recently launched a glossy new advertising campaign featuring a purple Muppet-style creature and the tagline ‘The undisputed UK’s most reliable network. Again’. This has led a number of EE customers to head to the 0844 800 3117 Orange contact number to verify if, indeed, Three is more reliable.

Naturally, EE are pretty miffed about all this, and are making moves to have the Advertising Standards Authority investigate the advert over the claim. A spokesperson for EE said “We’d agree that reliability is critical to mobile customers. Purple puppets aside, it’s well known that to claim undisputed you need to win and unify the awards across all the awarding bodies. EE has recently won reliability awards, but that doesn’t make us ‘undisputed’. We’ve simply asked 3UK to reflect this.”

For its part, Three are standing by its claim, saying “According to YouGov, 3 UK has been rated the most reliable network by consumers on five consecutive occasions,” he said. “Customers rated 3 UK highest on all topics relating to reliability, such as reliability for calls and texts, reliability during the day and reliability during the evening. 3 UK also came out top for ‘overall reliability’’. We are very proud of this accolade, which is why we have chosen to celebrate it in our current [advertising] activity.”

Source: The Guardian

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