Latest BT News – Nov, 2015

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Vodafone Warn BT over Re-monopolisation

Just two weeks after European competition authorities provisionally cleared the £12.5 billion deal to purchase EE from its joint owners Deutsche Telekom and Orange, Vodafone have gone on the offensive, calling the deal a “clear attempt by Deutsche Telekom and BT to undo 30 years of progress in telecoms in Europe and return to their monopoly status,”, before saying “The re-monopolisation risk in Europe is real and big,”

The comments come from Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone, and are a clear indication of the broader industry stance towards this market changing deal. He, like Sky, also have something to say about the state of broadband in the UK, or, more specifically about BT Openreach, which has a monopoly over the UK’s broadband infrastructure. He is also of the belief that its monopoly should be destroyed, with Openreach separated from BT.

For BT’s part, a spokesman said “The UK is one of the most competitive telecoms markets in the world and it is highly misleading to suggest otherwise. Independent [European Commission] data shows that BT has a 33 per cent market share, one of the lowest in Europe.”

Source: The Independent

EE Drive for ‘Defect-Free’ Network

If you’ve ever owned a mobile phone in your life (and I’m willing to bet you have), you’ll know the pain of going for your phone, only to find you’ve got no signal. It’s not just a pain, it can sometimes be really dangerous. That’s why EE CEO Olaf Swantee’s plan for a ‘defect-free’ network is so appealing. After all, just imagine never losing signal again.

Speaking at an EE discussion event on the future of the UK’s mobile networks, Swantee said “Since Toyota introduced the concept of defect-free cars, technologies have been introduced that make most cars pretty much defect-free. My ambition unconditionally is to do the same thing for mobile networks: to get a network that fundamentally has no defects.”

That ambition is only possible, Swantee says, because of the purchase of the company by BT. “The possibility of merging 2G, 3G, 4G and wi-fi assets behind an IP-based network capability is one of the key ways to get there. That’s why our partnership and our merger with BT is very essential.”

Source: CBR Online

Sky Attack BT in Response to Prime Minister

At this stage, there’s very little doubting Sky’s position on BT Openreach, the BT owned company which has a monopoly over all broadband infrastructure. To put it simply, they would like to see Ofcom break the company apart and allow true competition to flourish in the market and improve experience for customers. Now, in a response to the Prime Ministers plans to ensure the entire country has access to fast broadband, Sky have taken shots at Openreach.

Mai Fyfield, CSO at Sky said: “This is a welcome initiative and fits with Sky’s belief that the UK needs to be more ambitious in its digital infrastructure. However, it is unthinkable that Government would hand an even bigger role to BT given problems with the current roll out, its history of poor service and the risk of declining competition. An independent Openreach, freed from the control of BT, would be able to work with the whole industry to deliver the investment and innovation that the UK needs.”

Source: Sky

BT Named Customer Service Leader

As anyone who has used the 0844 381 0010 contact number for BT over the last few years will attest to, their customer service has greatly improved. Now, BT have been named by Gartner as a leader in the ‘Contact Center as a Service’ (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant, Western Europe.

Andrew Small, vice-president for unified communications and customer relationship management at BT Global Services, said: “We are delighted to be recognised as a Leader for this very first edition of Gartner’s ‘Contact Center as a Service’ Magic Quadrant. Our customers will appreciate this new report as a source of reference and guidance as they look to build successful strategies in designing and operating contact centres. We believe BT’s position as a leader is also a recognition of our continued investment into our portfolio and a further validation of our Cloud of Clouds technology vision.”

Source: BT

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